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What is Strategy?

Our ability to plan based on the limited resources that we possess made us the most dangerous animal on this planet. Humans are known to plan elaborate strategies and execute them with surgical precision. From the boardroom and out on the battlefield, strategies enable us to achieve our goals with utmost efficiency, on a higher level of success.... Read More

employee engagement strategy

10+ Employee Engagement Strategy Templates in PDF | MS Word

Every organization wants to have employees who are fully engaged and devoted towards their work and they have increasingly focused on employee engagement as a way to maximize the capabilities of their human capital. Therefore, employee engagement for organizations is clear as a result of which employee engagement strategies are very important. It lays out the master plan that is meant for enhancing the engagement level of the employees.

10+ Employee Retention Strategy Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

An old proverb, “two heads are better than one,” pushes the notion that collaboration reaps more significant outcomes. Perhaps, in a simple setting, this idea is accurate. However, it takes more than two people to run a business much more, a large corporation or organization. Besides the business leaders, the staff also plays an essential role in keeping the balance and harmony within the company. With that, businesses have to find ways to ensure employee retention. Companies need to come up with strategies to avoid unwanted exit and absences. Here you can find professional and ready-made retention strategy plan templates to use for your business; take your pick.

10+ B2B Marketing Strategy Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

In research conducted by SalesForce in 2018, 66% of business buyers prefer purchasing their goods or services from technologically advanced companies. Besides the innovations on the equipment used in the production, business buyers favor enterprises that have better end-products and customer service. For companies engaging in B2B business, it is essential to consider the various and recent trends that make the company relevant among competitors. With that, businesses should create different B2B marketing strategies for their companies. And to make the process easier, you can utilize marketing strategy templates to organize all the material. Moreover, you can find excellent templates and well-detailed how-to instructions in this article.

11+ Logistics Strategy Templates in PDF | DOC

With the growing number of business companies that offer logistics services in a global marketplace, we often feel intimidated and alarmed. And although these companies are expanding their connections – resulting in a much bigger opportunity for a business to thrive and survive – the principles to which a logistics provider should align its strategies remain the essential aspect to consider. Quality, efficiency, and cost-reduction should always be the focus of the whole logistics business plan. And if you ever need a tool to help you develop a good and effective logistics strategy, consider reading this post and see what benefits you can get from it.