Strategy Templates

What is Strategy?

Our ability to plan based on the limited resources that we possess made us the most dangerous animal on this planet. Humans are known to plan elaborate strategies and execute them with surgical precision. From the boardroom and out on the battlefield, strategies enable us to achieve our goals with utmost efficiency, on a higher level of success Read More

Types of Strategies

Strategies allow us to gain more out of the limited resources that we have. Successes in every level of human society and activity owe it to a well planned and well laid out strategy. Strategies are applied in different corners of human activity, and listed below are some of them.

Military Strategy: Strategic planning has always been attributed to the battlefield. Well, perhaps, we say so because of its extensive use by militaries around the world. A military strategy involves setting goals, troop movement, and tactics that allow one party to overcome the other with little effort. Business strategies are usually based on military strategy due to its efficient use of resources and high-rate of success.

Business Strategy: The business world is like the battlefield, where businesses continuously outdo each other. And because of that, companies consistently formulate new plans, ideas, methods not only to outcompete but also outwit their competitors. These are the reasons why business strategies exist. Most business strategies are modeled after military strategy due to its effectiveness.

Sports Strategy: Skills are one of the factors that win games. However, most of these victories are credited from a well laid out and well-placed strategy. Sport strategies rely mostly on strategic and tactical positioning, and, timing and precision. Like business strategies, most sports strategies are based on military strategy as well.

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From big corporations to baseball games, they owe much of their success and victories to strategic planning. By employing well laid out strategy templates, it will allow you to achieve the same level of success that businesses enjoy and dominate the playing field.