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What are Taxes?

To keep society up and running, each of its members must contribute a portion of what they make for each other’s benefit. Taxes, or the amount that we owe to society enables us to maintain and build infrastructures to support the delicate nature of social balance and prevent it from tipping over.... Read More

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10+ Revenue Agent’s Report Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

Doing the right thing must be the mantra of all people, especially when it comes to businesses. Thus, report accuracy is an objective to accomplish. Your revenue agent’s reports convey taxes and critical finances that need careful management. Making error-free documents is key to making critical evaluations and decisions on whether to do a refund, adjustment, or to collect cash deficiencies. So, always keep your heels up in making those simple reports as future actions and plans depend on them.

Income Statement Template – 23+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download

For the income statement of loss and profit statement, the single-step statement is commonly used. Well, these formats use one subtraction for net income. The word format is applicable of all versions like Excel and Adobe Reader. The income statement samples always convey some critical information, especially the company name.

8+ Salary Paycheck Calculator -DOC, Excel, PDF

Creating and calculating sample salary paycheck for your employees is quite a daunting job. But you don’t have to worry anymore as today you have the free download salary paycheck calculator template that is available from a great host of sites online. These Hourly Paycheck Calculator offer a readymade paycheck structure so that you are needed to draft the whole thing.

7+ Weekly Paycheck Calculator – DOC, Excel, PDF

Do you pay your employees on a weekly basis? Now, that’s okay but it’s always cumbersome to create a weekly paycheck and calculate the whole financial data for your elaborate roster of staff members. If the entire thing is getting too tedious for you, you can anyday seek help from the free download weekly paycheck calculator templates, Hourly Paycheck Calculator Templates available from the virtual world.

8+ Hourly Paycheck Calculator – DOC, Excel, PDF

Do you pay your employees by hour? Well, in that case, you would have to prepare hourly paycheck list for calculation. Now, creating such a list and calculating the entire wage data for a lengthy range of employees can be overwhelming for you. In such situations, it’s best to go for free hourly paycheck calculator template which can be downloaded from several sites online. You may also like Profit and Loss Statements