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The job of an HR is a very daunting one as plenty of processes have to be carried out and diligent records have to be maintained. These HR templates and forms really help you to conduct most of the job responsibilities of HR very easily with templates like attendance maintenance and record, easy to read guidelines, evaluation forms for employees, appraisal records, checklists and samples, job description letters, legal and acknowledgement letters and plenty of other forms and templates. .... Read More

covid  unemployment template

FREE 12+ Covid-19 Unemployment Templates in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs

Downsizing is hard enough as it is, what more when it occurs during a global crisis? When the coronavirus made itself known in the early parts of 2020, it came with a plan: to spare no one. It shut a lot of businesses and caused a great plunge of employment statistics through numerous layoffs in various industries. Even without the threat of a virus, firing some of your best talents because of an uncontrollable station is never an easy task, even when you let a letter do it. Read below and find out more about how you can make a layoff letter.

FREE 8+ Work From Home Checklist Templates in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs

There’s this tendency for people to think that getting a chance to work from home is comparable to getting a vacation. Thoughts of greater freedom and more comfort fill their heads just because they aren’t reporting to an office anymore. In truth, it’s just as much work and the responsibility even increases because the employee now has to take care of everything in his or her surroundings. One document that can aid in making sure everything is going well is a work from home checklist. Read on to find out more about this undoubtedly useful item.

FREE 11+ Work From Home Schedule Templates in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs

Work from home (WFH) is continuously becoming a trend in some industries where it’s feasible to do so. According to Christine Michel Carter in, only 7% of employees believe that they are more productive working in the office than at home. The rest strongly prefer working at their respective homes. That said, you may want to consider granting your employees a WFH privilege. It might be the very thing they need to improve their productivity and performance. Should you do so, make sure to create a detailed WFH schedule using the sample templates featured below as a reference or guide.

FREE 10+ Work From Home Application Form Templates in PDF | MS Word

Times are certainly changing, and we need to change with it. Those involved in corporate business, for example, had to go to the office, attend business meetings, and go over paperwork on their desk before they could go home to their families. Then they go back to their families. Yet, recent worldwide developments have ensured that there’s more than just a place for those who work at home. Even those without pandemic-related reasons may opt to do their jobs from the comforts of their bedroom, which makes these work from home application form templates all the more critical.

FREE 11+ Work From Home Agreement Templates in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs

Nowadays, working from home has become one of the biggest conveniences an employee can ever opt to do. With this kind of option however there comes a lot of issues. Employees can take advantage of being able to work without supervision at home. One way to make sure this doesn’t go off the rails is to have them sign a work from home policy agreement. With it they are obligated to stick with the rules and regulations of the workplace even if they are not there in person.