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10+ Average Revenue Per User Templates in Google Docs | Google Sheets | Excel | Word | Numbers | Pages | PDF

In economics and business, the ARPU or the Average Revenue Per User is a useful and common metric used to analyze the subscription-based uses and to measure the factors affecting the company’s total revenue or sales. Further, it helps the company to learn the trends of its business, identify the growth patterns, and differentiate their success to their competitors. Given below are the different types of accounting-related sample templates that you can use to calculate your business’s ARPU. We have also provided the necessary steps that might be useful to you. Download any of the templates and learn from the easy steps in this article.

10+ Revenue Cycle Management Templates in Google Docs | Google Sheets | Excel | Word | Numbers | Pages | PDF

Customer care and optimizing the opportunities for revenue growth is the concern of revenue cycle management. Insurance companies, service providers, and clients need to coordinate to have successful transactions. The health care industries usually practice this set-up wherein payments, billing, and service provision undergo such management procedures. Thus, the dedication to properly manage through effective coordination amongst all parties involved is key to having a smooth-running operation. Moreover, having all the necessary documents below is crucial to spare the system from lapses and losses.

10+ Depositary Receipt Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

Exchange systems are improving by having alternatives when it comes to trade and purchase. Massive stocks are difficult to transfer physically, and that is why representing them through the paper is convenient. Striking deals through agreements and contracts together with issuing receipts is the trend while the top tier passes around their gold reserves. No matter the means, a convenient substitute for stocks or shares is necessary to have quick negotiations. Thus, your depositary receipts are more than necessary, and they can come in many forms, as shown below in our receipt templates below.

10+ Business Liability Insurance Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

In any industry, business liability insurance covers almost all the risks a business can presumably suffer. Risks may include a formal lawsuit, cost of legal defense, medical and injury expenses (when someone gets hurt in the company), punitive and compensatory damages, libel, slander, copyright infringement, and other estimated costs or losses. When your business hasn’t been insured yet, then this article is what you need to read and explore. Provided below are the different types of templates and forms that might be of perfect relevance to any insurance-related transaction. You may also see some our document templates.

13+ Legal Deed Templates in Word | Google Docs | Word | Pages

To buy a property, you are always asked for a legal deed. What exactly is a legal deed? Any written legal document which confirms an interest, right, or property and that is attested, delivered and signed or sealed is known as a legal deed. Conveyances, commissions, licenses, patents, etc. are all included in a legal deed. Make a legal deed with the help of our legal deed templates that will grant its holder specific rights to an asset by ensuring that he or she meets several conditions.