People say that it’s difficult to remember the past, that the human mind values the moment, hopes for tomorrow, but never cares about yesterday. It’s hard to judge whether the claims are scientific or subjective thoughts and emotions; but is important to remember that there is one thing that will always remind us of something or everything in the past: photography. That a picture is worth a thousand words, even a photophobic girl understands the quote better. The most important thing that you must know is that photography is more than just owning a smartphone with a 10MP camera or a digital camera. It’s art Read More

What is Quality Photography all about?


Perhaps the point that many people miss about photography is that pictures are often silent conversation subjects. When we go on trips with friends, our significant others, and the people we care about, we see the best items; we convert them into photos, and then we put frames around the images. Without a picture, there would be no need for framing, which means it’s safe to argue that a photo is complete without framing. Although that’s true, pictures with framing are more inviting and quite conversational.

It is important to understand that framing has a purpose; it gives an image the depth it should have, gradually adding background and appeal to each shot. Image framing does two more things: giving your image a complete sense of organization, and drawing the attention of the viewer to the whole or part of the picture.


Anyone can capture images. Holding a digital or smartphone camera and pressing the image capture button isn’t as difficult as creating images with codes or editing the captured images with Photoshop. Capturing an image takes less than a minute, editing could take up to an hour. Regardless of how may photos you take, the quality must be commendable. Have you ever wondered why designers delete a lot of images from their computers? Well, the pictures aren’t always recognizable. The term in this context means that the shots aren’t worth looking at or using for your project because they aren’t quality enough.
Of course, an image that is not high quality isn’t often recognizable, and it’s not professional either.

Low-quality images can’t create recognition at all. Moreover, they aren’t always relevant, to say the least. If you are going to show anyone the images you captured in the past, make sure you choose only the ones with the best shots. The background of the picture must be appealing and inviting. It shouldn’t be dull, or edited. Although natural environments are often the best, it’s best to do your shots in an environment with optimum lighting – not too bright, not too dull.

If the images you love don’t look so good in the eyes of a friend, you can be sure that the pictures won’t please even someone who has a craving for images. As such, use your computer to edit the photos. For example, if the background of the picture is too dull or too bright, you can use image-editing tools installed on your computer to fix the problem. Do not ‘pimp’ an image. Sometimes simplicity and realism are better than decorations.

Tips for Capturing Good Image

It is important to note that morning and dusk hours are the best times of the day to capture images. They have the best light conditions. Usually, they give your image the best background, making the editing process simple and straightforward. During these two periods, the sky is almost always bluer, and the sunrise and sunset brilliant.