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10+ Expense Reimbursement Form Templates in DOC | PDF

When employees travel for the purpose of the company so that the organization gets benefitted in some way or the other, the company needs to pay for the expenses of the employee. This reimbursement needs to be done post the purpose after the details of the expenses has been forwarded from the employees’ end to the company. There might be rules and regulations managing the expense limit, etc. An expense reimbursement form, therefore notes down the details of the money spent by the employee from his pockets for a particular company-related reason. After the verification of the authentication of the form, the company reimburses the amount as decided by the two parties.

10+ Supply Chain Management Templates in PDF | Word | XLS

Starbucks, H&M, and Unilever are some examples of well-known companies that gained popularity, even on an international scale. What you can learn from Starbucks is the benefit of saving costs because the outsourcing budget doesn’t have to be too much. With H&M, they increased customer satisfaction by innovating with advanced technology. On the other hand, adapting modernized plans in supply chain and green causes made Unilever stay successful. What such companies have in common is they rely on supply chain management.