15+ Best Drupal News Portal Templates & Themes

There are loads of templates available on Top Drupal Themes that have a subdued yet refined colour palette which seem perfect for a news portal. The feature that news bloggers and reporters most commonly look for when selecting a best news magazine drupal template is pre-populated content since it facilitates easy designing of layout and gives them the freedom to modify the template to suit their needs.

Global News Portal Responsive Drupal Theme

This Drupal template for new portals is well-designed and sleek, with sections on either side for navigation, recent blog posts, etc. and a central area for the main blog post.

News Portal Drupal Template

For a more visual news webpage, use this Drupal template for news portal with its section for latest videos, a tabbed interface for navigation and images announcing the various latest news.


For a newspaper like feel, use this Drupal template for news portal – it has sections on either side for navigation and recent comments, with the central area containing the news articles.

News Portal Drupal Template

This Drupal template for news portal has an edgy look with a sharp black background, a tabbed interface for navigation, a section each for latest videos and top stories.

News Pro Theme

This clean and simple Drupal template for news portal has a tiled look with separate boxes for world news, sports news, technology, politics and a simple tabbed interface for easy navigation.

News Portal Drupal Template

ThemeNews Theme for Drupal

News Portal Drupal Template

News Portal Drupal Template

News Portal Drupal Template

Responsive Magazine & News Drupal Theme

News Portal Drupal Template

Every news reporter, social activist, or citizen journalist has a different sense of aesthetics yet the common chord that binds them together is a sense of respect and sobriety, and this should be reflected perfectly through the template they have chosen which can be found for free on the Internet.

News bloggers need to leverage fluidic and responsive image galleries with in-built features such as zoom out effects, cool transitions, and more, so that they attract a larger number of visitors to their portal if they can upload informative media and update their website with attractive content on a regular basis. Video files can be easily played on the portals by the news and journalism bloggers by opting for sophisticated blogging templates that come with an in-built video player.

Such bloggers often use their blogs to share important contents and documents with viewers and so it is imperative that they pick out a layout that comes with the ability to upload and support various document formats. When using Top New Drupal Themes, journalists and reporters can also avail the advantage of membership-based website features which will give visitors access to more useful content. Usher in a new era of entertaining and enriching news reporting with the sensational news portal templates up for grabs.

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