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The potential of Drupal for bloggers and for writers and authors to publish and/or advertise their works is immense, and its rich theme store offers the perfect free or premium themes to help set up the ideal websites for those creative with language. Best of all, even the premium themes do not charge an exorbitant amount and provide free demos, so you do not need to spend much money at all to set up your website or blog.

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Simple Writers and Authors Drupal Template – $48

simple writers and authors drupal template
The simple writers and authors drupal template is a simple looking drupal writer theme template that you can avail for only $ 48. The theme looks good and is one of the best.

These responsive free and premium drupal themes , easy to customise according to your needs, and mostly provide automatic mobile optimisation so that your readers have access to your works at all times..Built on latest frameworks such as BootStrap 3, the clean, efficient designs of these themes help both you and your visitors focus on the important parts of your website- namely, your writings. These are smooth and simple themes that allow you to easily add any necessary design elements like images, widgets or sliders, thus improving loading times and navigation as well. You can easily highlight portions that you need to, and play around with fonts and colours to both draw attention to specific parts and give your website an unique look.

Panel and page management is made far easier with these themes, and access to HTML5 and CSS codes gives you further control. SEO tools and social media integration, provided by the best themes, allows potential readers to easily find your work on search engines and social media websites. Thus you can easily boost the popularity of your work with these themes.Payment processor support also allows you to accept donations or sell books should you need to, and you can even provide multilingual works as many of these themes support multiple languages.