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7+ Ecommerce Flyer Templates – PSD, AI

Several products, ranging from gadgets, books, and beauty salon, are being sold online. We can buy almost anything and everything through the internet. There’s a certain amount to pay for and you get the product after a few days. This kind of business, now called electronic commerce or e-commerce templates, is a lucrative one in today’s digital world.

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For strategic promotion purposes, some businessmen promote their business through flyers. These flyers are a one-page advertising tool that contains all the information you need to read. Flyer design are an effective way of promoting a product since information is easily read by the people.

If you run an e-commerce business and you want to promote it through flyers, check our collection for some brilliant ideas.

Products Sale Corporate Flyer

Web Design Agency Flyer

How Does E-commerce Work?

Open source E-commerce has its own magic in the online business transaction. Since every step is done online, it follows some basics that cannot be omitted for it to work.

1. A product Needs to be Sold

Just like in physical stores, a product needs to be sold in e-commerce. All products should be in its best condition before getting sold. If it’s a gadget and electronics, all the features must work. For other products, the specifications must be put to avoid confusion. Value needs to be exchanged. If you give money, you will get a product or service in return. The only thing about e-commerce is that everything is done online.

2. Product Promotion

There are several ways to boost a brand in the e-commerce field. Social media attracts more audiences today as people are more tuned in on their smartphones. Promoting the product has to be catchy and appealing to the eyes of the customers. It’s a big factor in getting customers to buy your product.

3. Mode of Payment

In e-commerce, payment is done through online means. You may be asked for your credit cards and bank number for the payment of your item. You may also send money through money remittances. Sometimes, payment is done in websites through payment gateways. It all depends on the situation and available resources you have.

Flat Design Flyer Template

Flat Design Business Flyer

Digital Marketing Flyer in PSD

4. Delivering the Product

The product must be delivered in its best condition to the customer. This is a big part of e-commerce since quality should not be put at risk at all times. Delivery of the product should be speedy. If there are any delays, the retailer should apologize and make up for it. In delivering the product, some defects are inevitably seen. This should be addressed by the retailer and relayed to the customer well. You may also see Design Flyers.

5. Customer Service

In e-commerce, customer service plays a very important role. Before and after the product gets sold, a customer needs full assistance from the retailer on how to get things done. Customers might ask about the features of the product that are not written on the website template. They might also ask about the shipping policy of the item. Retailers have to answer every question and help carry out the customers’ needs and preferences.

Content Marketing Flyer Template

Flyers Template

Corporate Flyer Template

Benefits and Drawbacks of Ecommerce

Business has gone from traditional to digital marketing and the change is overwhelming. E-commerce has many edges over traditional businesses, with a fair share of drawbacks as done with the use of smartphones. Your market is the whole world and there is no limit to it. Internet reaches people in more ways than one.

1. Open All the Time

Online stores are open 24/7 throughout the whole year, which physical stores can’t do. All you need is good internet usage. It creates more convenience to the customers and increases the number of orders the merchandisers get.

2. Cheaper Costs

Running an online store minimizes the cost that you need to pay than setting up a physical store. You don’t have to go on a lease agreement and rent a space for your store. You can run your store all by yourself at home, with all the products in your hands. Having an online store minimizes the number of employees that you have to pay on a monthly basis. Advertising and promotions are mostly done on the internet, especially social media.

3. Provide More Information

The physical store only provides a limited amount of information when we visit the place and look at the product. In online stores, more information about the product is written. It has more details which can help in making your decision in purchasing the product. The product information is an essential feature in selling the product to potential customers. You may also see Modern Flyer Templates.

4. Gaining New Customers

Online stores help in gaining customers by having it visible on search engines. This is possible through the search engine optimization (SEO) features embedded in the website design. SEO helps in bringing more traffic and site visits which can propel the site to the first page of search results.

5. No Personal Touch

In online stores, there is no personal touch from the personnel as compared to physical stores. A customer’s questions will never be answered personally. Normally, people would ask anything and everything about the product before buying it. They feel the assurance of having to interact with a real person and hearing the answers straight from them. You may also see Spa Flyers.

6. No Product Experience

You don’t get to experience the product in online stores before buying them. All you have are photos of the product and there’s no assurance that it works a hundred percent. Physical stores allow you to experience these things. You may also see Abstract Flyers.

7. Delivery Delays

Delays in delivery can be caused by weather or a glitch in the process. Sometimes it happens when you run an online store, even with the advent of express shipping labels. Just make it up to your customers if ever that happens. Some goods can’t be bought online as well due to several reasons.

8. Payment Security

Online stores ask for your credit card numbers when you pay for the product. Some websites can harvest other information aside from the ones you are required to give. This can lead to identity theft and fraud.

9. Anyone Can Come Up with a Site

Any person can come up with an e-commerce website. Some don’t know how to properly handle a site that can lead to serious consequences. Some customers tend to be lured by fake e-commerce websites.

Your e-commerce website template should follow safety protocols for the sake of your customers. It should also have a good design to attract more customers. More importantly, honesty is a trait that should never be lost in this kind of business, where it is easy to build and amass money through online means.

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