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19+ Examples of Credit Card Designs – PSD, AI

Since currency took the shape of cards that can easily fit in our pockets, debit and credit cards have developed and emerged as an undeniable phase shift. With payment protection, these card designs have changed our relationship with money and also the way banking works. In this regard, credit cards especially provide a great level of flexibility to the customers with Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) for low-interest rates.

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Cool Credit Card Design


A colorful credit template that everybody wants to hold. Yellow perfectly blended with both blue and hot pink here and resulted in the desired outlook. Also available in a couple of other designs as well.

Smartly Designed Credit Card


This template is a credit card mockup. It means that this is the exact way your credit card will look when you have it printed for you. Available in 4 handheld positions, which show that it is elegant and gives your card a professional look. Check this template out for more!

Stylish Credit Card Design Mockup


This series of credit cards pose a whole new level of luxury and encourages customers for the shopping spree. The bunch of cards is entirely different from another- one with modern blue and another with stylish grey. Let your Customer base hold a sense of pride by holding them.

Creative Credit Card Design


Though the creator of the card admitted that he manipulated the card using Photoshop, it appears to be entirely new. The dynamic look goes easy with this faster generation.

Beautiful Credit Card Design



Back and forth of a beautiful Credit Card. The colorful variants are available in PSD. There is no reason you can distrust these. You can check out design templates in PSD for more templates available online so that you can choose from the best. There are different themes available for you to see. Try them out now!

Credit Card Design on A Wooden Background


See how easily the card fits in your pouch? This dazzling black card is available in sky blue as well. If that is not enough, you can change the color as per your sweet wish. Since every credit card would almost have the same font and text used, except the obvious details- the account details, credit card number, CV and name, then you can change the background as per your wish.

Creating a Credit Card Design

1. The Vision of the Bank

The first step towards creating a credit card for your customers is to know the goal and vision of your bank. It is important for you to know how the company perceives its brand to be. This means that know if there are any specific designs or layout they use to design their credit cards. You can check up a credit card mock-up to get an idea on what is the best design that will suit the brand image for your company perfectly.

2. Choose a Template

Once you know the basic goal and vision of the company, the next step would be to choose the best template that will suit the design you have in mind. Choosing the right template is the essential step towards making your credit card design. Designers often rely on ready-made card templates from outside than make their own as it saves a lot of their time and effort.

3. Information

After you choose your template, add all the essential information on the card. It is very important that you have a proper credit card security for the safety of information and confidential details leak. The information to be entered are the name of the cardholder, the card number, the expiry date, name of the bank with the logo should be mentioned on the front side of the card, whereas, the card verification value (CVV), terms and conditions, authorized signature, etc are present on the back portion of the card.

4. Choose a Background

A credit card design should also be appealing and relevant to the image of the company. Since the background covers all of the cards, make sure that it looks good to the eyes of the customers, not too bright, not too dull, just the perfect amount. The card design should satisfy your employer.

5. Select a Color Scheme

After the selection of the background, choose the right color scheme that goes with the background as well as the texts and fonts you use. All the information you add should be clearly visible to the person. Unlike wedding card templates that use different and vibrant color schemes that suit the occasion, you can choose to use the colors that are followed by the bank’s company colors if needed.

6. Graphics

The next step would be to add graphics. This means add all the texts, fonts and images you need to add so that your credit card looks unique and different from the rest. This would also include adding all the necessary graphics like 3D effects, shadows, highlights, tones, etc. Utilize different software to get the perfect look for your credit card if needed.

7. Review

Regardless of what you add in the credit card design, it should look simple to the person holding it. The images used should not overwhelm and dominate the details on the credit card. Check credit card authorization forms for more. Designing a card can be a tough job, but the main point is you should have fun while doing it because you get to play with a lot of different software to design the best card.

Axes Credit Card Design


This Axess Credit Card design gives you the access to get inspired. If you like the design, congratulate the designer for the careful consideration of color combinations: Black and Gold, Black and Grey.

Credit Card Design


Payment card design with a playful theme. As funny as a piggy bank. If you want to expand your financial world, this is one thing to watch out for your payment card, if not for Credit Card.

Realistic Banking Credit Card Design


A promising design available in both JPG and EPS. The Geometric Blue along with the silver ray brings the completeness and puts your thoughts of further modifications away.

Credit Card with a Nice Background


Do you know that in many parts of the world, people get connected with their native concepts? For example, many organizations in Boston put Bay area pictures on their websites so that the locals can easily get connected. Likewise, this image easily connects with the people of China. It doesn’t mean it is strictly for them though.

Bright Colored Credit Card Design


The gradient is one ingredient that makes the presentation so colorful. This vector illustration dons a glossy red look that brings grace and glows to the card. Debit card designs can also be of great help for you to decide which template to choose that will suit the theme of your bank perfectly.

Well Arranged Set of Credit Cards


A Well arranged a set of Credit Cards in a row with various shades with the first one revealing the front look. We can assume the design to be the same for the rest.

Vector Visa Credit Card Design


Credit Card Designed in Blue Color


Set of Credit Cards with Funky Designs


Titanium Credit Card Design


New Generation Credit Card Design


Elegantly Designed Credit Card


Colorfully Designed Credit Cards


Colorful Credit Card Placed on a Blue Background


The preponderance of Credit Cards that are there in the market has brought in the need for new designs. These innovative designs indeed work in that area. Save them if you have plans of remodifying your banking business. Request them today.

Credit cards have come in so handy to everyone who has it. Instead of carrying a lot of cash and that might get stolen with your wallet, can be really heartbreaking and stressful. Since using credit cards is way easier and effortless, choose your own texture design for your bank credit card requesting them to put the designs you like the most.

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