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In this day and age, we have a lot to thank the likes of Allan Turing, Sir Tim Berners- Lee and the present-day geniuses of Silicon Valley for. With the advent of technology in the 21st century, the internet has been a widely-used haven for almost everything. It has especially been a big advantage and partner to all businessmen the world over. And for almost every consumer, the search engine is always a life-saver. You may also see proposal samples.

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Search Engine Optimization Guide

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SEO Agreement

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Google alone is processing an average of over 40,000 search queries every second which is equivalent to over 3.5 billion searches a day and 1.2 trillion global visits every year, translating to hundreds of dollars every second. You wouldn’t believe how many people these days check google first before going to a place, trusting a company or buying their product for that matter. We also saw social media become a platform for campaigns, advocacies and of course, marketing, especially Facebook, and Twitter.

It is no surprise that these companies have been dominating web traffic for the past few years, and will probably continue to do so if they keep it up. After the internet’s evolution, since the day it was even recognized as “internet” we eventually came to know SEO or search engine optimization as a massive part of business strategy, branching from digital marketing. Because when it comes to the internet, the sky is the limit. Possibilities present themselves everywhere and all you need to do is use the worldwide web to your heart’s content and to your business’ advantage.

Freelance/SEO writing contract

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Search engine optimization has been around for quite some time but even marketing professionals tend to underestimate its impact in generating positive returns because of the opportunities it provides, one being the online customer interactions. Some think that it’s just one side of sample digital marketing which it isn’t because even digital marketing generally is not just all about buying and selling goods and services. It is a source of entertainment, social interaction, product news, reviews, and the end-users’ ample brand exposure. Before you can propose SEO as a vital business strategy, before you can show the rest of your team a plan by which you would be able to maximize it, you need to understand that it far encompasses marketing and brand building. Going back to the early days of the internet may help you gain a better understanding as to SEO and its role in the growth of businesses far and wide.

Worldwide Web throwback

In the late 80s, computers where already being used by a lot of people. but those who can afford to have them in business struggled with different information for each computer making people work more to learn a different program for each of them. Tim Berners-Lee wanted information shared on computers and he realized it can be possible through exploiting an emerging technology called hypertext. In March 1989, Tim laid out his vision for what would, later on, be known as the web, submitting a document to CERN entitled “Information Management: A Proposal”. It wasn’t accepted immediately contrary to what others would like to believe but it was a good start since people from CERN wanted him to continue even though it wasn’t the organization’s official project. You may also see digital marketing proposal templates.

By October of 1990, Tim was able to come up with the three basic technologies that remain the foundation of the present-day internet and you’re probably familiar with them:

  • HTML: HyperText Markup Language. The markup (formatting) language for the web.
  • URI: Uniform Resource Identifier. A kind of “address” that is unique and used to identify to each resource on the web. It is also commonly called a URL.
  • HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Allows for the retrieval of linked resources from across the web.

Even though it was hardly unheard of, not many people really knew the massive change that Tim had sparked. Without the internet, there would be no social media, no blogs, no social interaction online whatsoever. Can you even imagine a world without Google? Not even in your worst nightmare. In the early nineties, there were about two people who discovered the power of the worldwide web to entice customers into buying their products. In Greg Boser’s case, in 1994, it was for protective foam equipment to fight fires. At that very moment, the internet had a great potential in marketing and when Boser became successful selling his foam equipment, SEO has since flourished, especially among small-business owners while they continue to manage algorithms and think of ways of increasing traffic. Why though? Why SEO, when there are other sophisticated, proven ways of marketing and promoting your brand on the internet?

Reasons for proposing SEO in business

1.Consumer Visibility

From its definition, the mundane activity or the set of rules ensuring a website can be found in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo (provided you still the last two of course) for words and phrases relevant to what the website is all about, and what it offers to its target customers. In a nutshell, it somehow works as a quality control for websites that has similar content. You type a keyword, the ones that come out on the results are ranked and your website
comes out on top, provided it has enough relevance. Too bad, it is often misunderstood and defined incorrectly by people who have the least idea of how it is supposed to work. You may also see proposal templates.

2. Google equals credibility

In business, branding is important, no matter how small you began, no matter how ordinary you think your product is compared to others. You have to build your brand, develop it, and stick to it. And there’s no better way to start than through the search engine giant. You may also like marketing proposal samples.

3. Traffic is good

Web traffic is a good sign. The first on the listing that is given by the Google search result is naturally the one that is most trusted by customers and is therefore considered as the one that has the most credibility. And the rest would do what they can to kick you out your place on top. The farther a website is down the list, the less likely people are to click it for a visit. That place on top is worth more than any random, expensive ad. You may also see SEO marketing plan templates.

4. It wouldn’t hurt your wallet

You do not have to pay dollars by the hundreds just to ensure that people see and read about your business, in a very important dynamic platform, which is the internet. You can’t say the same for having to pay for ads to pop and run everywhere on the internet. People need to shell out a few bucks for every person that clicks on an ad. You can market your business better with SEO without having to pay for every customer visit and traffic your site creates. You may also like business proposals.

5. Experience is the best teacher

Yes, it is. It makes you learn. You would be able to use SEO enough for your simple business to learn beyond its technical and business jargon. There are good practices that allow for a good user experience. It cannot make your website an overnight success, but for every little mistake, you learn twice more to use it to your advantage and trust us, it doesn’t take that long to happen either.

6. Your competitors are doing it

Do not believe the “SEO is so yesterday” non-believers. SEO still works, and it will continue to do so, that is why people who have to tend to offer the same things you are offering in your business website, are still using it on a regular basis, to gain more customers, to SELL. There is a reason why they still have their websites and still update them. Surely you want to keep up? Better yet, you may actually want to stay on top of the search results list.

7. It is the gift that keeps on giving

Truly it is because compared to what happens to advertisements, the many positive results of using SEO actually stays. They are permanent. Even if you stop paying for the site, your visibility doesn’t stop, your market doesn’t go away either. You get to keep them. Of course, if you want to maintain your top place, you also have to make sure that your content stays on point and that it gets seen. The top ranking is very important and frankly, it is hard for others to take that ranking away. That does not mean that you should stop developing ways to market your content more. You best keep your top place and provide what your customers want to see and more. Definitely more. You may also see proposal templates in a word.

SEO Terms and Conditions

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On Writing Proposals

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Utilizing SEO isn’t even a question of why, and it should never have been. It is more a question of how, and that’s where a businessman wanting to get his share of the boundless possibilities technology and the internet can offer, should always focus on. Let’s face it. As technology evolves, as the economy makes more room for innovation, your smart goal, small business or not, should be to stay on track and not get left behind. SEO is here and will continue to stay here. It is still working as an effective business strategy (sample) and isn’t likely to stop working anytime soon either.

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