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16+ Adoption Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Word, EPS Vector

Flyer designs are paper-based advertisements intended for wide distribution. There are many ways to distribute a flyer. They are posted and/or distributed in public spaces, handed out to individuals in places with high foot traffic, and sent through the mail. They can even be dropped through planes. In fact, flyers were used during World War II as a form of psychological warfare called airborne leaflet propaganda. Nowadays, flyer templates are mainly used for marketing and promotion.

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Adoption Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Cute Pet Adoption Bonus Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Cute Pet Adoption Flyer Example

Animals Adopt Flyer Design

Flyers come in many different sizes. Nowadays, they can be inexpensive monochrome leaflets that were photocopied, or they can be made from expensive, glossy, and full colored handbills. Their sizes can range from roughly letterhead size to postcard size. Other terms for flyers are “fliers”, “circular”, “pamphlet”, “literature” (lit), “handbill”, “weekly ad”, “leaflet”, and “catalog”. You may also see abstract flyers.

Adoption Animal Flyer Design

As promotional materials, flyers are perfect for adoption events. Shelters need to hold adoption events from time to time to at least try to give the animals living in their facilities a home. There are many benefits to adoption. For one, you are definitely going to save not only a life but many lives. You may also see PSD flyer templates.

Hundreds of shelter animals are euthanized every year just for the facility’s lack of space. This number could be reduced dramatically if more people adopted pets. Thus, if you are a shelter trying to do an adoption event, promotion of your event is a must and handing out or distributing flyers are the perfect type of promotion for you. You may also see free business flyer templates.

Pet Adopt Flyer Example

Pets Flyer Bundle

Cat Rescue Event Flyer

Reasons to Use Flyers for Event Promotion

As mentioned above, fliers can be of great help in promoting your adoption events. Promoting an event such as adoption only needs to give a little information to the audience. As such, you don’t need to give a full-on brochure for these purposes. Flyers will do. Below are some other reasons why you should use flyers in promoting your adoption event. You may also see free flyer templates.

1. Multiple Ways of Reaching Your Audience

Flyers are a great platform to promote special events. There are numerous ways that you can reach your audience with the help of fliers. You can do a door to door distribution. You can insert flyers in newspapers. You or your staff can distribute them on the streets, especially in places with high foot traffic. You can even distribute them in different establishments that are related to your shelters such as pet shops and supplies. You may also see 3D flyers.

2. You Can get Creative With Them

A flyer basically starts out as a blank space of paper. That said, there will be thousands of ways on how you can approach your flyer design. You can even use both of its sides for your design. If you want to make your flyer stand out and be memorable while still be able to deliver your message clearly, you will be forced to come up with a look that makes it so. Yes, there will be a lot of limits when creating your promotional flyer including having a more limited space compared to that of a brochure, but remember, these limits will only make you more creative.

3. Flyers are Tangible

Flyers are palpable. Flyers are touchable. These inherent nature of the flyers makes it so that your message has already been delivered to your audience halfway. When you hand out your flyers on the streets, their eyes will be naturally drawn to the things that you are giving away. It only takes a look of a few seconds for your audience to read what is written on the leaflet. If you combine this with an eye-catching flyer design, then for sure, your flyer will be able to deliver the message it intends to deliver.

4. Flyers can be combined with incentives

Flyers can even be the incentives themselves. Coupon codes and vouchers are very popular with potential customers. Adding these to your flyer design is a great way to try and up interest and awareness in your event.

5. Flyers are low expense advertising

Flyers are relatively easy to print out. They are also relatively cheap. Although flyers with a glossy finish do look more attractive, those that are printed in the regular paper or photocopied will be just as effective. This is unlike the brochure which needs to be printed in the high-quality paper. This low expense method of advertising is perfect for events that have a low budget like when promoting an adoption event. You may also see sample marketing flyer templates.

6. Flyer distribution allows for personal communication

This personal communication can allow for an immediate reply. If you decide to distribute your flyers personally by hand, chances are you will be asked questions about the event you are promoting. This allows for instant communication and clarification for the event. Although, this does not mean that you do not need to include a map and other contact information in your flyer. Those things are essential to flyer design.

Dog Adopt Flyer Design

Adopt Pet Animals Flyer

Cat Adoption Flyer Sample

What Message Should you Include in Your Flyer?

Flyers have a limited space so the message you include in your flyer should be short and easy to read. This message should be easily understood with a glance. Powerful and intriguing headlines should be used to gain people’s interest and to catch their curiosity. The message should also be brief, direct, and concise. It is best to give them the essentials of your message. For event flyers, include the time, date and location of the event being promoted. Above all, do not forget to include a call to action. This call to action can be in the form of contact numbers, urging the readers to get in touch and reserve a spot.

It is also not a bad idea to include incentives in your flyer distribution. Combine your flyers with coupons, coupon codes, and vouchers to drive more interest on your flyers and to entice the audience to accept them during your distribution. After all, who refuses a bonus.

When Should you Utilize a Flyer?

Flyers work best when you only need to communicate a small amount of information. That said, flyers are great to distribute to people to get them excited about buying or engaging it your products. However, flyers shine the most when they are used to inform the audience of an upcoming event. Music concerts, sales, restaurant promos, and other special events like pet adoptions will gain lots and lots of promotion from flyers.

Animals Adoption Flyer Sample

Pet Adoption Flyer Template

Kitten Rescues Flyer Template

Flyer Distribution

One key aspect to remember when promoting through flyers is its distribution. A flyer can only do its purpose if it is distributed. Here are a few things to consider when doing your flyer distribution. You may also see green flyer templates.

1. Think about your message

The message you include in your flyer should be appropriate for your flyer. For some pointers on your flyer’s message should be, scroll above. You may also see free business flyer templates.

2. Think about your timing

Flyers are made of paper. They won’t last long through rain or storm. Before doing your distribution, always check the weather. Furthermore, try to time your distribution when it is optimal. Find out when most people would be passing through your distribution points to cast a wider net. You may also see word free flyers.

3. Think about your audience

Understand who you give your flyers too. Make your message coincide with your target audience. It is one thing to distribute your flyers, and another to distribute them to the right people. One way leads to an engaged audience and the other leads to trash. It is obvious which is which. You may also see photography flyer templates.

4. Think of your methods

You can hand out flyers in public areas. You can hand out flyers directly to people. You can even distribute them door to door and house to house. No matter what you do, always ask permission first. You may also see sales flyer templates.

5. Think of your team

Distributing your flyers alone can be a timely process. Consider calling in your support network to help you out with the distribution. You can even hire people to help with your distribution. Just make sure that this person will know well enough about the event or product being promoted on the flyer. You may also see handyman flyer templates.

Cats Dogs Adopt Flyer

Pet Adoption Center Flyer

Creative Way to Use Flyers in Promoting your Adoption Event

One great way of utilizing your leaflet designs and flyers in promoting your adoption event would be to use them to promote individual animals. You can use flyers to highlight some of the animals found in your shelter for possible adoption. Snap a great picture of Snowy the dog or Blofeld the cat, add in a great adoption bio and blurb, distribute, then voila! You just drummed up huge interest for your animal.

This tactic is also an excellent way for possible pet adopters to find and match a good pet. Furthermore, it is also a great way for people to come early in your adoption event. If the advertised pet gets adopted early and your customers are already on the premises, then they can have a look around if there are other pets that possibly suit them. You may also see real estate flyer templates.

Animals Charity Event Flyer Template


Flyers are types of paper advertising that are cheap, creative, and prompt. Their mode of distribution has many benefits including providing a way to personally communicate with your audience. Flyers work well as promotional materials for events such as adoption events as these events require only a little information to be printed on paper. There are countless ways of promoting through flyers, including promoting one individual animal per flyer. The limits of how you can utilize the flyer for promotion is limited only to your imagination. You may also see concert flyer templates.

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