30+ Download Free Flyer Templates in Microsoft Word Format

The flyer is an inexpensive and highly effective marketing tool. They can easily capture the attention of the crowd and it is very easy to distribute as well. The flyer is usually a single page paper, advertising about a product, a service or business concept. Plenty of samples and Free Flyer Templates in Word are available in the web; they are readily downloadable and customizable using word format tools and utilized.

Creative Business Flyer Template in Word


Marketing Flyer Template


Wedding Photography Flyer Template


Travel Flyer Template


Multipurpose Beauty Salon Flyer Template


Real Estate Sale Flyer Template


Construction Company Flyer Template


Vintage Restaurant Flyer Template


Weekend BBQ Seasonal Party Flyer Template


Classic Music Concert Flyer Template


Charity Event Flyer Template


Risen Church Flyer Template


Education & Training Flyer Template


Automotive Car Sale Flyer Template


Grocery Sale Flyer Template in DOC


Retro Style Concert Flyer Template


Jam Shop Flyer Template in MS Word

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Talent Show Flyer Template in Word Format

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Event Flyer Word Format Download

  • event flyer

Nature Flyer Template in word Format Download

  • nature flyer template

Reward Flyer Word Template Free Download

  • reward flyer

Heart Model Flyer Word Template

  • heart model flyer template

For Sale Flyer Template in Word Download

  • for sale flyer

Jack-O-Lantern Flyer Template Word Format

  • jack o lantern flyer template

Halloween Flyer Word Format Download

  • halloween flyer

German Flag Flyer Word Template Free Download

  • german flag flyer template

IT Flyer Template Word File

  • it flyer template

E-Commerce Flyer Template Word Doc

  • ecommerce flyer template

Valentines Day Flyer Template MS Doc File

  • valentines day flyer template

Mexican Flag Flyer Template Word Template

  • mexican flag flyer template

How to Make a Flyer Using Templates in MS Word

Open Microsoft word and while creating a new blank document select Flyers. The list of the available free templates will be loaded. Click on the Download option to load the flyer in the word document. Now edit the template in MS word by entering text to the template. The color, font and font size can be changed using the text editor. Double click on the shape and fill them with patterns, pictures etc. Special effects like 3D can be applied for improving picture appearance. Add company logo by inserting picture option and now the flyer is ready. Save the flyer to a word doc.

Dos and Don’ts While Preparing a Flyer

  • Organize well and do a systematic design of the flyer which generally consists of a single page.
  • Tell the points strikingly to reach the viewer; perhaps some of the text can be made bold to highlight them.
  • Don’t make the flyer design confusing and very cumbersome. Too many words or images can make the purpose go awry.
  • Don’t neglect or fail to remember to proofread the flyer proof read before publishing. Proofreading and fine tuning the flyer is must.

> The Essentials of an Outstanding Flyer

  • By using powerful and carefully chosen words the flyer satisfies the purpose of attracting the people.
  • A striking and fairly big size picture can easily grab the attention of the viewer. The picture should be related to the product or business.
  • Provide exact and sufficient information about the product or concept that needs to be sold.
  • Including testimonials with proofs can make the flyer stand out among the competitors in the market.
  • Highlight the information about special offers or discounts, so that people who are more interested can make use of them, there by sales are increased. You may also see Free PSD Club Flyer Templates

Benefits of Flyers in Business Promotions

Flyers are innovative and cost-effective way of promoting the business. The flyers are not only easily distributable physically but can also be used for sending the customers or prospects through email. They can be displayed in the promotional websites as well. They are one of best sales tool to reach the audience easily and quickly. The response or reaction to the flyers is sometimes considered as measuring tool for the product or the business concept and there by necessary actions can be taken for improvement. Many Flyers are Available on the web for download and they can be utilized for analysis.

Importance of Flyers

  • To catch the notice of the audience flyers are commonly used in the opening ceremonies of stores.
  • Political parties are increasingly using flyers as a mean of propaganda for their policies during election rallies.
  • Charity organizations are effectively using flyers to raise the funds to serve the community in a better way.
  • Enormous Varieties of flyer templates are accessible on the internet and they are downloadable at free of cost, which makes them the best market tool.

The above debate has seen various aspects of the flyer. The flyers can be obtained easily using free download option from internet websites. Using word file one can prepare a flyer of his or her choice. The latest version like Word 2010 offers plenty of options to redesign the flyers.

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