22+ Beautiful Examples of Evergreen Leaflet Designs for Inspiration

Leaflets are the sheets of paper distributed in newspapers, in person or mailed. It is an open letter which is written to attract the people. Since the sole purpose of the leaflet is to grab the attention, it is necessary that it is designed with the utmost care. You may also see flyer designs.

leaflet designs for inspiration

The design should be appealing and a good attractive content must be written on it so that it makes your campaign successful. Here are the leaflet designs for inspirations. You can also see this Tri Fold Brochure Template.

Leaflet Flyer Template

leaflet flyer 1x
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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Pet Boarding Flyer Template

pet boarding flyer templateThis cute flyer is made for pet care animal boarding/. The design used in the flyer is simple yet attractive. The color, font and the design are apt and equivalent in terms of the format. It has apt information and meaningful content which a user would want to know.

Colorful Circles Brochure Free Vector

colorful circles brochure free vector

This flyer cum brochure is a creative design which is in A4 format. It is printable and can be taken as an apt design for the various product. The content space is less but it has a good spacing in between for a good design. The spaces in between are making it look appealing.

Easter Poster Vector Template

easter poster vector template

Celebrating Easter? This colorful poster vector template can be taken as a design for creating your own Easter leaflets. This design is vibrant and can be used in multipurpose ways.

Application Software Developer Flyer Template

application software developer flyer template

This flyer template with the design at upper head and content at the bottom looks captivating. This can be considered into a design of those type of flyers, where more visual is needed than the text.

Modern Brochure with Red Geometric Shapes

modern brochure with red geometric shapes

This brochure consisting of geometric shapes looks captivating. The color combination, spacing and the shape placed is simply attentive. You can add text and image on the flyer according to your needs.

Tri-fold Dental Brochure Design Vector Illustration

tri fold dental brochure design vector illustartion

Need a long flyer? Here is the solution for your needs.Tri-fold Dental Brochure Design Vector Illustration have all the space you need for your flyer. You can place text, information, pictures all the one place.

Chinese Wedding Flyers

chinese wedding flyers

Are you looking for wedding flyer? This flyer is used for Chinese wedding and you can take inspiration from this design. This is an adorable design with the color red, less text and more of joy in the flyer.

Summer Concert Flyer Template

summer concert flyer template

Want to design for an event? Here is the example for Summer Concert Flyer Template. It can be taken as an inspiration to design the flyer for the different events.

Vector Brochure Flyer Design Layout Template in A4 Size

vector brochure flyer design layout template in a4 size

This the another example for flyer templates. It has got adorable circular designs. This example carries two colors orange and yellow. You can use the color of your own choice and play with the design according to your requirements.

Flyer or Cover Design Leaflet Template

flyer or cover design leaflet template

This leaflet has got different backgrounds which you can use for the designing a leaflet. You can choose or simply mix and match these background colors on the leaflet and content it according to the needs.

Humanitarian Aid Organization Flyer Template

humanitarian aid organization flyer template

If you run the Non-Profit Organisation or you want to make a flyer for a cause this design can be considered. It has got the attractive pictures and concise information which is appealing.

Abstract Red Paper Background Vector

abstract red paper background vector

This Abstract Red Paper Background Vector is simply eye catching because of its color. The flyer can be designed keeping this color as a background. It will beautify the content and make it worth an appeal.

Vector Brochure, Flyer, Magazine Cover & Poster Template

vector brochure flyer magazine cover poster template

This design can be used in Vector Brochure, Flyer, Magazine Cover and Poster Template. It has got the beautiful shapes. You can fill the content into the shapes as well as around it. It has got a professional touch in the design.

Free Simplifying IT Leaflet Template for Word & Publisher

free simplyfying it leaflet template for word publisher

This leaflet can be taken as an inspiration for creating the leaflet. This example has got colors and fixed with the pictures, the pictures are big and giving it a profession look for the design. Try this!

Frozen Yogurt Shop Flyer Template

frozen yogurt shop flyer template

Looking to make a flyer for items related to the food business? Here is the beautiful example of it. The subject has been highlighted and made it look appealing.

Grey Business Stationery Free Vector

grey business stationery free vector

This design is exclusive to stationery related business. The design is black and white which is appropriate for the area it belongs.

Company Services Leaflet PSD Template

company services leaflet psd template

The leaflet for a company can be inspired from this design. If you are designing for a company this is the design you can refer to.

Vector Brochure Template Design for Technology Product

vector brochure template design for technology product

Here is the example for Vector Brochure Template Design for Technology Product. You can describe and display the product here.

Hairstylist Flyer Template

hairstylist flyer template

It is necessary to reach out to the people if you are running a consumer-based services. You can describe the current offers, discount and products from your salon with this kind of flyers.

Free Geometrical Modern Brochure Template

free geometrical modern brochure template

This the other example for geometrical shape. Get inspired and apply in your own designs.

Vector Empty Brochure Template Design with Orange Elements

vector empty brochure template design with orange elements

Color has a deep impact on the consumers. This is an example of Vector Empty Brochure Template Design with Orange Elements which is making it worth the appeal.

These were the 21+ Beautiful Examples of evergreen Leaflet Designs. Keep following this space for motivational articles.