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29+ Promotion Letter Templates

Letters of promotion are a kind of Acknowledgment Letter and are very useful to a HR department, as they require such letters very frequently along with Appointment Letters, given how people are constantly moving among the company ranks after joining it. These templates need only be slightly altered and they become ready for sending out to the concerned party, thereby saving the department a lot of time and making it more efficient.

8 Well Organised Promotion Letter Templates Bundle

8 Well Organised Promotion Letter Templates Bundle

Grab Your Promotion Is Style With A Graceful Promotion Letter

A promotion in the career is what every employee looks forward to. Do you think you have an opportunity of a splendid promotion in your office lately? Well, then, don’t miss the chance and make the most of the opportunity with a professional promotion letter.

Types of Promotion Letters

Promotional letters can be of various types. The first one is where an employee finds an opportunity of promotion and being confident of his skills & experiences writes a letter of promotion to the hiring manager. It could be that your company has offered an ad for that senior post or the person holding the post has just retired or left the company, as per your knowledge.

Another promotion letter is congratulatory letter of promotion where the company authority notifies and congratulates the particular employee chosen for the promotion. Then, you have a different type of promotion letter where the employee just promoted writes a letter thanking his boss for the great opportunity. Such a letter also mentions that he would be committed to the new responsibilities bestowed upon him.

Announcement of Promotion Letter Template

Announcement of Promotion Letter Template

Employer Promotion Letter Template

Employer Promotion Letter Template

Intent Promotion Letter Template

Intent Promotion Letter Template

Job Promotion Letter Example Template

Job Promotion Letter Example Template

Job Promotion Cover Letter for Retail Job

Employee Promotion Letter Free Download

Employee Promotion Letter Free Download

Job Promotion Cover Letter for Retail Job

Job Promotion Congratulations Template

Job Promotion Congratulations Template

Manager Promotional Letter Template

Manager Promotional Letter Template

The word “promotion” holds great significance in marketing and businesses often offer promotional gifts to target niche for an effective advertisement of their brand. While announcing the promotional offers, many companies and stores often come up with a promotional letter where they officially notify the customers about their latest discounts. Such promotional letters are often launched as mark of special celebrations by the company- say, 10th anniversary.

Uses of Promotion Letter Templates

A promotional letter is a formal affair and hence you have to be really flawless with promotion letter word format- whether you are writing it for your hiring manager or boss or your employee or your customers. If you are writing such a letter for the first time, it’s natural that you would be on the lookout of ideas and this is where the promotion letter templates come up as a handy aide. You get readymade promotion letters here with professional layout and wording. These are editable pieces and you would simply have to download and customize them with your specific data. Thanks to these templates, you won’t need to write up the entire thing from scratch.

Whether it’s the Vice-President being asked to take over as President, or a Manager being promoted to Senior Manager, there are templates bearing the layouts of letters covering a range of promotions. However, the letters can also be changed easily, for the full satisfaction of the user. Changes include grammatical modifications in the language, structural alterations to the body of the letter, etc. You can also appointment letters.

Sample Letter of Interest for Promotion Template

wikihow.com | This promotion letter example would be handy for you if you are planning to apply for a senior position in your current company. It’s a detailed letter highlighting on your eligibility.

Sales Promotion Letter Sample Word Doc

letters.org | If you are looking for a sample of promotion letter that you are about to send to your target niche with the intent of announcing your latest sales offers, this template would be a good pick.

Congratulation Promotion Letter to Employee Word Format

letters.org | This letter of congratulation on promotion offers you the right guide on the wording or format of a letter where you are about to announce the promotion of an employee to a senior position in your firm.

Sample Promotion Cover Letter for an Internal Position

jobsearch.about.com | If you are looking forward to apply for promotion to an internal position in your current company and looking for a guide on an appropriate cover letter, this template would be handy for you.

Letter to Manager for Promotion Template Download

wikihow.com | This letter for promotion offers you the right choice of wording and format when you are planning to send an application to your company’s hiring manager regarding your eligibility in a senior position in the firm.

Sample Promotion Letter

This sample announcement letter of employee promotion would be great for you when you are about to send a letter to an employee announcing the news of his promotion to a senior position in your company.

Sample Job Promotion Letter

This job promotion letter would be helpful for you when you are about to inform an employee regarding his promotion to a senior position in your office on the basis of his application for internal job posting.

Sample Announce Promotion Letter

This sample announce promotion letter offers you the right choice of wording and letter format when you are going to notify an employee about his latest promotion in your company.

Sample Employee Promotion Letter

If you are looking to appeal to your company’s MD regarding a hike in salary & promotion based on your continuous dedicated service and recent appraisal from your team head, this template would be your guide.

Sample Promotion Letter from Employer

If you are looking for a right sample promotion letter that will offer you the most professional format to announce the news of promotion of an employee in your office, this template would be great for you.

Application for Promotion Letter Template Word Doc

letters.org | This letter template will offer you a perfect blueprint when you are about to apply for a long overdue promotion in your company, supported by the backing of your team lead.

Thanks Letter for Promotion Template Free Download

livecareer.com | If you are looking for a congratulation letter to boss on promotion where you can express your gratitude for being promoted to a senior position and where you can also promise of a glorious performance further, this is the template for you.

Job Promotion Cover Letter for a Retail Job

letters.org | This job promotion cover letter will offer you a handy guide when you are looking forward to apply for a senior position in your retail office and will also enable you to highlight on your experience and eligibility for the post.

Promotional Letters to Customers from Sales Manager

sampleletters.net | If your company has decided to extend some promotional offers to your customers on the occasion of your anniversary or some landmark celebration of your organization, this promotion email template would be handy.

Letter of Intent for Promotion Template Word Sample

sampleletters.net | If you are looking for a standard promotion letter format when you intend to apply for a post in your company that has been vacant lately, this template would be a great choice for you.

Promotion Congratulations Letter Template Free Download


Sample Cover Letter for Promotion

Job Promotion Congratulation Letter Example

Sample Promotion Acceptance letter

Job Promotion Letter Example

Sample Increment & Promotion Letter

  • Customize fonts as per the user’s requirements.
  • Include additional data in the form of graphs and tables.
  • Alter the subject and address at will. Even the body of the letter, if need be.
  • Download for free from the internet as samples that can be easily stored and from which extra copies can be made.

Tips for Promotion Letters

Main Message in First Paragraph

A true professional promotion letter would have the main message of the letter in the first paragraph only- whether you are applying for promotion or congratulating an employee who has recently been promoted.

Highlight on Your Achievements

While applying for a promotion, you must put forward your achievements confidently & succinctly. Back your data with specifics & explain how your committed efforts have benefited the company. For example, you can write “since my joining I have raised your sales by 50%”.

Loyalty & Dedication Further

If you are writing a promotion acceptance letter thanking your boss for the high, you should mention that you are grateful for being considered for such an esteemed position- and that you would religiously strive to meet up the duties and expectations with complete dedication & loyalty.

Fun & friendly

It’s good to follow a fun & friendly tone while your store is announcing promotional offers through a letter to the customers.

>  Dos & Don’ts


  • Be clear & concise with the letter
  • The promotional offers must convey a rounded figure, like 15% or 20%
  • Make sure you are eligible enough for the senior post while requesting a promotion


  • Never brag about yourself in your promotion application
  • No harsh or offensive words
  • No grammar mistakes or misspelled words
  • We are ready to help
  • If you are looking for the best and most professional promotion letters that can help with graceful promotion announcement wording, come to us at template.net.

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