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38+ Social Media Website Themes & Templates

It’s the age of social networking today and just imagine how amazing it would be to have your target niche right in one platform! It will be your own little mini Facebook or Twitter. Yes, much like Mark Zuckerberg, you too can have you own social media site so that you can always stay connected to your audience, no matter how far flung they are. If your customer base is spread worldwide, having a social media website would do much to get in touch with customers from foreign lands when you can’t reach out to them physically. You May also See Social Media WordPress Templates.

Social Media Model Agency HTML Website Template $59

social media model agency html cms website template

Model Agency is the ideal theme for models and model agencies. Integrated with a cool slider, this theme can highlight the photos of the models with ultimate clarity. The features of this theme include

Along with these, the sliders are easily customisable and the color selection of the theme is just stunning!

Online Marketing & Social Media Agency WordPress Website Theme $49

online marketing social media agency wordpress website theme

SEO WP is one of the most flexible WordPress themes that are specially designed for Digital Marketing Agencies, Social Media specialists, SEO companies and their clients. The features of this awesome theme includes

Along with these, the theme is easily installable and can be modified to any level that the user needs.

Social Media News & Magazine Website Theme

social media news magazine website theme

Quartz is a well organised premium news & magazine theme that is available over the internet. Quartz is built in a way as to highlight post images and featured posts. This theme is characterised with

Along with these news features, this is 100% responsive and easily installable that makes it so popular among news portal designers.

Website Design for Social Media

website design for social media

Free Social Media Adventure WordPress Website Theme $40

free social media adventure wordpress website theme 40

101px is the perfect theme for video games with a fantastic design to style your websites. This premium WordPress theme has been designed to give a visual treat for gaming enthusiasts. The features of this theme includes

Along with this theme is SEO optimised and completely responsive.

Social Media Networking Website Template

social media networking website template

Social Networking Web Template is one of the best designs for social networking websites. Integrated with a bunch of cool features including portfolio and light box, it is the best in the bunch. It has

Along with this, the theme has integrated Google maps and is designed with valid HTML codes.

Design Studio Social Media Facebook HTML Website Template $59

design studio social media facebook html cms website template

Design Studio template is brilliantly designed with awesome colours and is well oriented. Inspired from the features of face book, this theme just blows tour mind away. The theme is

Along with this, the theme is SEO optimised and is appealing to see.

SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media WordPress Website Theme $59

seo digital marketing social media wordpress website theme


Optimize is a very technologically forward theme which has 12 home pages with well optimised SEO codes. The faster page loading and the well validated codes of this theme is stunning. Its features include

The colours of the theme and the font collection are just professional and neat at the same time.

Social Media Blog WordPress Website Theme $15

social media blog wordpress website theme

Classy Ink WordPress theme is simply stunning! This design is simple and elegant at the same time. The colors used are professional and neat so that anyone can use it. This theme can be used any personal blogs. The theme is

Apart from those features, it has 3 layout options and has facility to add logos and icons.

Free Social Media WordPress Website Theme

free social media wordpress website theme

EarthView premium WordPress theme is developed for film enthusiasts. Whether you are a film reviewer, or a director or a film critic, this template will serve you the best. Its colourful; and charming design can express all the aspects of film and can include images too. The theme is

Along with these, it has custom menus and sliders with a bunch of film-ready features.

Social Networking & Media Site Website Template

social networking media site website template

Social Networking Site Template is one of the most visually appealing digital themes available in the WordPress for social networking. The eye soothing colours and the customisable panels will certainly make this template a special one to the developers. Its features include

Apart from these, the site is 100% responsive and is created in 100% validated codes!

Social Media Facebook HTML Website Template $59

social media facebook html cms website template

Facebook HTML CMS Template is one of the most modest and humble theme for social media websites. The colors and the design used in the theme just give the user a floating feel. Its features include

Along with these features, the site is easy to install and the menu structure is comfortable to be navigated.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Magazine Blog Website Theme $149

digital marketing social media magazine blog website theme

Ultimate Conversion is an awesome blog theme for social media people to share relevant information or their thoughts on recent technical updates. It is brilliantly designed with bold and sharp typography. Its features include

Along with these, plug-in integration and paginations are also accommodated with this cool theme.

Social Media Photography WordPress Website Theme $38

social media photography wordpress website theme

Better days theme is a perfect fit to be used in family blogs or blog related with health and fitness. The well designed homepage grabs attention from all types of audiences at one snap. Its features includes

Apart from these, the theme can be customised easily from backend and a beautiful gallery is also integrated with this theme.

Free Social Media Portfolio WordPress Website Theme

free social media portfolio wordpress website theme

Full frame is for the legends that use their simple camera phone to click pictures. If you are really passionate about images and like to showcase them, then this is the best pick for you. Its features include

This theme easy to download and install .It is 100% responsive and is integrated with a lot of useful plug-in either.

Social Media Communication HTML Website Template

social media communication html website template

Social Networking HTML template is the right choice for those who love that generous white and grey combination in their works. The look of the site suits all demands of the social media sites and the feel of using the site is just wow! Its features includes

Along with these features the theme is responsive and is provided width full width pages.

Digital Marketing Agency & Social Media Website Template $69

digital marketing agency social media website template

Digital marketing agency website template suits for those who look forward for a site with a very professional look and feel. It gives a professional look with the feel of easer navigation. Its features include

Apart from this, the site can be managed, edited and installed easily by anyone.

Responsive Music Social Media WordPress Website Theme $49

responsive music social media wordpress website theme

Replay is a perfect theme for musicians and music enthusiasts. It can be used by music directors or singers or even background music creators. It is easy customize and is very comfortable to navigate. Its features includes

Along with this the theme is cross browser compatible and is created with very strong validated codes.

Social Media Portfolio WordPress Website Theme $29

social media portfolio wordpress website theme

The Barber Shop is an awesome theme that can highlight the images and photographs in the site. This one is best suited for artists, illustrators, designers or photographers who love t showcase their master pieces. Its features include

The customisable colours are the coolest feature of the template that makes it usable to anyone who loves pictures.

Free Beauty Of Nature Social Media WordPress Website Theme

free beauty of nature social media wordpress website theme

Areal is a fantastic nature theme which is unique and express nature in its complete beauty. The design is inspired by nature and soothes the eye with its exciting green color. This theme comes with a bunch of features such as

Also there are custom widgets and some very useful plug-in integrated with this fabulous theme.

Design Social Media WordPress Website Theme

design social media wordpress website theme

The boss theme is one of the very classy and trendy social media themes in WordPress. With its elegant design and completely customisable backend, it can be delivered proudly to any audiences. Its features include

Along with these, the template is integrated with RTL support and will support multiple languages.

Social Media Marketing Agency Muse Website Template $44

social media marketing agency muse website template

Marketing agency muse template is a very professionally designed theme that can deliver the concept of a marketing strategy or marketing ideas. Specially designed for marketing agencies, consultants and their clients, the theme is very neat and organised. Its features include

Along with these, the look and feel of the template will certainly make your clients feel that you are the king of the market!

Social Media Management WordPress Theme

social media management wordpress theme

If you are a blogger or a freelance magazine publisher who is in search for a perfect theme for your blog, then you are at the right place! This is an awesomely designed template which can deliver the whole meaning and intention of information to the audiences. Its features include

Apart from these, the template is wonderfully designed with independent header, footer and sidebars with very useful and productive other elements.

Social Media & Business WordPress Website Theme $39

social media business wordpress website theme

Life coach is another beautiful theme that maintains its elegancy with those light coloured headers and backgrounds. Those who love the simplicity in presentation can certainly pick up this one. Its feature include

Even though it extends so many features, it is still responsive and delivers the best view in all browsers.

Social Media Agency WordPress theme is exclusively designed for social media agencies who consider the clients as their assets and who respects the views, missions and visions of their venture. Its features include

It is again packed with a set of very useful features it contains effective SEO integration and validated codes.

IT Responsive Social Media Moto Website Template $199

it responsive social media moto cms 3 website template

IT Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template is an ideal template for web designers, designing companies, software development firms or software consultants. Designed with a motive to include IT and IT related data, this one is a king of templates for IT. Its features include

Along with these features, the template is integrated with some cool widgets and much more useful features.

Music Band & DJ Social Media WordPress Website Theme $59

music band dj social media wordpress website theme

Are you the one who rocks the audiences with your DJ skills? Would you like to showcase yourself? Then this is the right time. This theme s specially designed for DJs and music bands. It has

Also this template is popular for its ease of use and accelerated page speed.

Modern Social Media Blogger Website Template $13

modern social media blogger website template

VIOLA is another beautiful theme for those who love travelling. Not only travelling, even though you love wandering and would like to show those random experiences to the audience, then VIOPLA is the right choice. It has

Along with that it has social share buttons and beautiful message boxes to interact with your target audiences.

Social Media BuddyPress WordPress Website Theme $59

social media buddypress wordpress website theme

Connect is an awesome social media template which is designed to attract professional audiences as a whole. The elegant design keeps up with high standards and looks brilliant. Its features include

Apart from these, the theme is easily customisable and the navigation is simply brilliant.

Simple Social Media WordPress Website Theme

simple social media wordpress website theme

Buddy boss is one of the most professional blogging themes available in WordPress. The range of quality and the extent of creative presentation are just amazing. Its features include

The theme is retina ready and will give the user and enhanced visual experience. The widgets will just take the site to another level.

Social Media IT Technologies Drupal Website Template $75

social media it technologies drupal website template

Camrax is a very elegantly designed professional theme that can be used by technological firms or management firms. The color theme and the fonts just make the contents to the point. It’s features include

Along with these, the perfection in the presentation and the well validated codes deserve an extra appreciation.

Free Social Media WordPress Website Theme For Restaurant

free social media wordpress website theme for restaurant

Burger WordPress theme is the best one that a restaurant person can get. With its orange- red color that boosts appetite, the design will certainly prompt the user to order a bite from the site. Its features include

Apart from all these, it has individual customisable options and smooth navigation.

social media photo gallery website template

If you are the one who love the snaps beyond a click, then you might need to establish yourself to her noticed. And the most effective way is here. Yes! This template. Its features include

Along with these, the template has an awesome SEO optimised code and a bunch of other cool features.

Full BuddyPress Social Media WordPress Website Theme $39


full buddypress social media wordpress website theme

Social Network Buddypress Theme is one of the most unique themes for social networking sites. The theme is unique but useful at the same time. The gallery will makes you wow. Its features include

As it is a social media related theme, the designers have kept keen notice to add almost all elements that will help the user to have a cosy navigation through the site.

Social Media Network Bootstrap Website Theme $39

social network bootstrap website theme

This is a very simple design with a lot of features. Apart from collecting a lot of images in a page, this s design stands out by its simplicity and content structure. Its features include

The bootstrap design ensures that the site is responsive and the validated codes make it make SEO friendly.

Fullscreen Social Media Photographer Website Template $139

fullscreen social media photographer website template

Photographer portfolio photo gallery template is the right fit for fashion photographers, food photographers or nature photographers. Whatever the theme of your photography is, this theme will highlight the beauty of your pictures. Its features include

It is completely responsive and is well documented for future references.

Free Creative Social Media WordPress Website Theme

free creative social media wordpress website theme

Creativity is one of the best theme for those who lobe to try something different. Apart from other templates which were designed perfectly with minimal colors, this template is easily identifiable. Its features include

This template is SEO optimised and is done with valid HTML5 codes.

Beautiful Social Media WordPress Website Theme $59

beautiful social media wordpress website theme

Socially viral is another crazy theme as the name suggests. It is designed in a way as to get viral due to its elegant but smooth design. It is a best fit for social networking site and its features include

Along with these, the theme doesn’t compromise on responsiveness and clarity.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have much technical know-how like Zuckerberg while you plan to create your own social media site. These days, there are free download social media website templates with which just anybody can come up with his or her Social Media Website Templates in just a flash and that too without advanced technical knowledge.

How Your Social Media Site Would Help You

Your social media site would be helpful to you on so many grounds. You can include links on useful or resourceful posts from your blog or website on your social media sites. Besides, you can engage in live chat with your customers and potential visitors on your social networking platform. They can openly tell you about their expectations or needs with your products or services so that you can improve your solutions further as per customer demands. A live chatting or a deep social networking will create a personal bond between you & your clients. A membership in your social networking would instill a sense of oneness or loyalty towards your brand among your customers.

Moreover, you can use the social networking website to notify your members about your upcoming deals or product launches. Then, the social media website templates will help you to create a platform that will serve as a community forum for members where the customers can share and exchange their views or opinions with other members in your site.

Why To Use Social Media Website Templates

The social media website HTML templates are a pure bliss as they come up with readymade social media website frameworks so that you don’t have to do the whole thing from scratch. You won’t even need to waste money on web developers as well. You would just have to download the WordPress social media website themes and modify them as per your specific needs.

Tips With Your Social Media Site

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