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Saving up for the future is something that people should do as early as possible in order to provide themselves or their family with their basic needs. Yes, rewarding yourself through shopping or going on vacations may help in enriching your soul—which is something that cannot be bought by money—but you and other people should also learn to balance their expenses with the income that they are earning to be able to save. On a simple note, people should know how to distinguish between wants and needs, and between those that require urgent actions and those that don’t. Sound easy? With enough discipline, it will be.

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And this leads us to personal financial planning, which is something that can help people out when trying to save money. Personal finance involves principles that will need to be followed either by an individual or their family, while also taking into consideration financial risks and unforeseen life events. While people can eventually learn this by themselves, there are also professionals who can provide them with guidance or assistance. If you are one of these professionals, then you might want to make use of our flyer templates below to promote yourself or the office that you are representing.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Flyer Template

accounting bookkeeping services flyer template
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Size: US, A4


Tax Preparer Flyer Template

File Format
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Size: US. A4 Inches,+ Bleed


Auditing Firm Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 Inches,+ Bleed


Personal Finance PSD Flyer Template

personal finance psd flyer template

To get the ball rolling, here is a modern-looking and functional agency flyer template that you might want to use for promoting personal finance planning. This template comes in PSD format, so make sure to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your system if you choose to download this.

Personal Finance Insurance Agency Flyer

personal finance insurance agency flyer

Business Finance Flyer Design

business finance flyer design

Flyer Design Guidelines to Make Your Flyers Stand Out

1. The title or heading of the flyer should already be enough to create a big impact not only on the message but on the overall design of the flyer. Aside from just being able to enhance the look of the flyer, the header should be enough to give prospects an idea of what to expect from your marketing campaign.

2. The concept of having less is more can also be applied in flyers, wherein you don’t really need to put in every single thing that you want to share with the public. However, if you really need to ramp it up with the level of information, simply highlight the main points instead of thoroughly explaining it. You may also see banking flyer templates.

3. Choose the right type of fonts for the design, and this will depend on the tone of the flyer or the type of products and services being offered. And after choosing the appropriate font, make sure to align it well on the design to make it easy to read. You may also see promotional flyers.

4. Use high-quality vibrant images and graphics on the flyer design to really give life to it. As much as we want to put emphasis on the text, which is the most important content on a flyer since it is the one giving prospects the information they need, but striking graphics help greatly in making the flyer stand out.

Personal Finance Flyer Example

personal finance flyer example

When it comes to money, a lot of discipline is needed for its management, and some would even resort to hiring professionals to serve as financial management coaches. With this business flyer template, let people know how capable you are in those roles, and do it the trendy way.

Tax Refunds Financial Flyer Template

tax refunds financial flyer template

Finance Promotion Flyer

finance promotion flyer

What Does Personal Finance Mean?

Personal finance refers to the management of all financial resources that an individual or a family do to simple budget and save their money for use in the future, while also taking into account various financial risks. Also considered while planning personal finances is determining whether the plan is suitable to the individual or their family or if they need to take advantage of loans or other products from banks.

Other products that are taken into consideration when planning personal finances are stock markets, mutual funds, insurances (life, health, and disability), social security benefits, income tax management, and retirement plans. You may also see fitness flyer templates.

According to various financial planning experts, there are various areas that need to be focused on personal finance, such as:

1. Financial Position

Understanding the available personal resources of an individual by examining their net worth and cash flow. The net worth can be computed by adding up all the person’s assets and liabilities and then subtracting the total liabilities from the total assets. The household’s cash flow refers to the expected sources of income and the expected expenses, wherein the total of the expenses are deducted from the total incoming funds.

2. Insurance

The study of how to protect an individual or a household from any unforeseen risks. These risks include liabilities, death, disability, health, and property. While there may be risks that are self-insured, there are also other risks that really require the individual to buy an insurance contract. Insurances are able to provide individuals with tax benefits, which means utilizing insurance investment products may be of great help in their overall investment planning. You may also see multipurpose flyer templates.

3. Tax Planning

Considered as one of the largest expenses in a household, managing taxes actually means determining when to pay them and how much is asked by the government. Usually, a higher marginal rate of tax is paid by those whose income is also higher or is growing, though the government does give incentives in the form of tax deductions and credits. You may also see admission flyer templates.

4. Investment and Accumulation Goals

This area involves planning how to come up with a sufficient amount of money for making large purchases. This is commonly done when an individual decides on buying a car, building a house, starting a business, paying for school expenses, and preparation for retirement. You may also see modern flyer templates.

5. Cash Management

Whether you are an employee, a businessperson, or simply planning for your retirement, cash management is considered as the soul of personal financial planning. Here, the individual should learn how much they will need to spend before they retire in order to save a significant amount. This area is commonly used as a wake-up call for individuals to tell them that they really need to start saving and also keep track of all their expenses. You may also see insurance flyer templates.

Personal Financial Planning Flyer Template

personal financial planning flyer template

Minimalist Personal Income Tax Flyer Template

minimalist personal income tax flyer template

Tax payment is something that people should always take into consideration when making financial plans, and people should never ask whether or not people need to pay taxes but rather when and how much is needed to be paid. With the help of experts, people can easily determine how much money they will need to set aside for their taxes, which in turn, can help them manage their expenses even better.

Creative Personal Finance Flyer

creative personal finance flyer

Clean & Simple Personal Finance Flyer Template

clean simple personal finance flyer template


How Do You Make Your Flyer Distribution Campaign More Effective?

1. Give people a positive impression when handing them a copy of your flyer, and you can do this by projecting yourself formally. Don’t just hand them a flyer, make eye contact with the recipient, give them a smile, and explain to them briefly what you are trying to advertise. You may also see 3D flyers.

2. Be knowledgeable about the product or service that you are advertising because the prospect may make inquiries from it, and it will always be a good idea to come prepared. If in case this happens, then at least you’ll be able to supply the prospect with the information that they are asking. You may also see free flyers.

3. Put emphasis on the call to action as well as the contact details indicated on the flyer. Yes, the flyer may already hold all the information needed for the prospect, but it is always better than you really point that out to the prospect. This way, it simply goes to show that you are really sincere in wanting to be contacted by the prospect.

Professional Personal Finance Flyer

professional personal finance flyer

Personal Life Insurance Agency Flyer Template

personal life insurance agency flyer template

Saving up money will help secure people and their family for the future, but this will never be enough. This is why it is important for them to purchase insurance contracts to further secure their futures especially in the face of unforeseen events. If your simple business is offering this type of service, then promote yourself using the PSD flyer template above.

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