If the best moments in life are shared with the people you love, why not invite them over to your best moments? Show the cherished individuals in your life that you care by sending them an invite you can make the quick and easy way; with our high-quality, beautifully designed, and easy to edit sample invitations. Here at our websites, we produce templates that come in layouts ranging from sample wedding invitation templates, sample letter invitation templates, sample invitation card templates, even custom party invitation templates and sample entourage invitation templates—all 100% customizable, conveniently printable, and is available in 4×6 inches, 5×7 inches + Bleed, and can be used on most editing formats like Photoshop, Pages, and MS Word. Come and share your happiest moments with us and let our templates help you express your love for them.

What Is a Sample Invitation?

A sample invitation is a basic layout of any and every invitation out there. Because of the simplicity of a sample invitation, it makes the perfect starting point in making one because of how much customizability it has.

How to Create a Sample Invitation

The thing you need to keep in mind when making a personal sample invitation is that it's more valuable to the receiver if you made it from the heart, so pour out some love on your work. However, it doesn't hurt to have a few guidelines on making one to assist you in your drafting. So here are those said guidelines:

1. Choose Your Layout

The fact that sample invitations are so generic means that they can be used in a number of ways; they can be sample invitation letters, sample card invitations, even digital sample invitations like emails and social media posts. So when choosing your layout, think of what works for you and go from there. If you're an amazing graphics designer, for example, then digital sample invitations can be your thing, if you're good with words or arts and crafts, then actual letters or cards might be your go-to style.

2. Customize to Fit the Event/Occasion

When making an invitation, design it with the occasion in mind to keep relevance. For a wedding invitation, you can have a mostly white color scheme with a few doves and pictures of the wedding place or a rich blue watery design for a pool party invitation. When making sample invitation letters, you can add a bit more flair to it by putting in stickers at the sides or, for more formal invitations like a visa invitation letter, you can keep it plain and professional. Generally speaking though, a good invitation hints on the kind of event or occasion based on the design since it's usually the first thing noticed.

3. Address the Invitee

You can be as creative here as you were in the design layout. You can use codenames, aliases, or their full names or variants of their names. If you want to make it more personal, address them in your most special endearments (even if they don't sound that endearing) to give a sense of ownership for the recipient, that this simple invitation really is for them and no one else.

4. Give a Short but Sharp Description

If your design is the hint as to what the event is, then this is the whole truth placed before them. You can either be direct, be cheeky, or be generic, the idea is still the same; tell them about the event and what they should expect. If there are certain details you want to emphasize like dress codes or special activities in the event invitation or that you're having a submerged wedding and want everyone to be wearing white swimwear because it's underwater, here is a good place (the only place, basically) to give that little disclaimer.

5. Decide on Your Delivery Method

There are multiple options on how to send an invitation, and they are all reasonable; you can personally go to that person's house if it's convenient for you, or you can send it via email if they're at work, maybe even through post mail if they're a bit far away and you don't mind the time waiting or if you want to send the party invitation in advance—which you probably should considering the fact that you're using this type of sending procedure. Remember though that the heartwarming feeling you can give and receive with any sample invitation also applies to how you send it as much as how you created it.

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