61+ Best Microsoft Word Flyer Templates

Do you want to create attractive MS-Word documents? Are you searching an ideal theme for your Word document files? Then use World Flyer templates to rejuvenate boring documents. A colorful Word Flyer will enhance user-experience and attract the readers. World Flyer templates are available for every kind of business, niche and events. It offers high-quality print-ready designs. You can also see Modern PSD Flyer Templates.

Flyer templates in PSD format require Adobe Photoshop, and let’s face it, not every computer has the software installed. In this scenario, a Word-compatible flyer template is your best bet because Microsoft Word is pre-installed in most systems. Whether the templates are premium or free of cost, you can download and use them in MS Word.

Multi Purpose Product Flyer Template

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Car Wash Advertising Flyer Template

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Food Drive Flyer Template

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Elegant Real Estate Flyer Template

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Construction Company Flyer Template

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Vintage Photography Event Flyer Template

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Beauty Spa Saloon Flyer Design

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Restaurant Menu Flyer Template

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BBQ Party Flyer Template

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Holy Church Flyer Template

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Charity Fundraiser Church Flyer Template

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Child And Adult Day Care Center Flyer Template

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Automotive Car Sales Flyer Template

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Social Media Marketing Flyer Template

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Education & Training Flyer Template

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Business Conference Flyer

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Cross Fitness Gym Flyer Template

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New Interior Flyer Design

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Business Conference Flyer Template

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Valentines Day Flyer Template

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Valentine Day Celebration Flyer Template

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Tourist Travel Flyer Template

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Watercolor Flyer Template


Minimal Flyer Template


Music Festival Flyer Template


Luxury Flyer Photoshop Template


Geometric Flyer Template


Black Night Flyer Template


Cool Nature Word Flyer Template

  • cool nature word flyer template

Cool nature word Flyer template includes a natural background. The template allows you to edit the text and images as per your business needs. Add a logo to the flyer template to make it more professional.

Pregnency Word Flyer Template

  • pregnency word flyer template

The pregnancy word flyer template is available in both USA and international page sizes. Include your high-quality graphics, artwork, backgrounds, and logo inside the template.

Heart Model Word Flyer Template

  • heart model word flyer template

Heart Model Word Flyer template allows you to insert Logo, Tagline, Slogan, images and contact details in a formal manner. The template is easy to customize.

Chrismas Party Word Flyer Template

  • chrismas party word flyer template

Christmas Party Word Flyer is available in three sizes A4, A5, A6 with no folds. It allows you to customize background color and text easily.

Best Halloween Word Flyer Template

  • best halloween word flyer template

Halloween word flyer template has a yellowish background with Halloween images. The theme is easy to customize and allows text customization. You can also get newsletter, ad, and business card Halloween template

Motel Word Flyer Template

  • motel word flyer template

Motel word flyer template is available in 8.5×11 A5 size page. It has no folds. Customize the template with your own text and images. Customization does not require any special skills.

Pet Day Word Flyer Template

  • pet day word flyer template

The template offers 3 variable sizes including 7×10, ½-page, ¼-page. Pet Day word Flyer template allows you to customize the text and logo.

Casino Word Flyer Template

  • casino word flyer template

You will get 8.5×11 paper size casino word flyer template. The template includes a Casino theme based background. It has separate text space to insert Logo, Casino name, event date etc.

German Flag Word Flyer Template

  • german flag word flyer template

The template comes with a German flag background. The template has covered text column in every color section. Use matching text color to make your document attractive.

Independance Day Word Flyer Template

  • independance day word flyer template

Independence Day template contains American flag and Statue of Liberty in the background. You can write company name, address, and other contact details in the lower right section of the template.

Furniture Store Word Flyer Template

  • furniture store word flyer template

Get access to three variable sizes A4, A5, and A6. The use of high-quality images, multi-color background and font make it catchy and professional. The variable pages have the same background with a minute change in the design.

Ecommerce Word Flyer Template

  • ecommerce word flyer template

The e-commerce template has semi-transparent background with a cart image in the lower right section. The template is easy to customize. You can enter the company details in the lower left section.

Beauty Spa Word Flyer Template

  • beauty spa word flyer template

The template is available in A4, A5, and A6 page size. The template is divided into three sections. Add slogan in the first section, use the second section for description, and write contact details in the third section.

Valentines Word Flyer Template

  • valentines word flyer template

This Valentine’s Day theme includes a white border frame and red background. It comes with a heart graphic in the center. Add your logo in the lower right section and customize your message in the lower left section.

Text content on a simple white paper cannot attract the readers, but a colorful design can. Word Flyer does the same and gets the attention of the viewer. High-quality images and perfect text alignment hold the reader.

Landscape Word Flyer Template

  • landscape word flyer template

Mexican Word Flyer Template

  • mexican word flyer template

Food Bank Word Flyer Template

  • food bank word flyer template

Telecommunication Word Flyer Template4

  • telecommunication word flyer template

Estate Planning Word Flyer Template

  • estate planning word flyer template

Nail Saloon Word Flyer Template

  • nail saloon word flyer template

Cool Abstract Word Flyer Template

  • cool abstract word flyer template

Flower Shop Word Flyer Template

  • flower shop word flyer template

Business Analyst Word Flyer Template

  • business analyst word flyer template

Thanks Giving Word Flyer Template

  • thanks giving word flyer template

Internet Marketing Word Flyer Template

  • internet marketing word flyer template

Cool Holiday Party Word Flyer Template

  • cool holiday party word flyer template

Money Word Flyer Template

  • money word flyer template

Family Dentistry Word Flyer Template

  • family dentistry word flyer template

Secretarial Word Flyer Template

  • secretarial word flyer template

Children Education Word Flyer Template

  • children education word flyer template

Ego Boost Word Flyer Template

  • ego boost word flyer template

Awsome Corporate Word Flyer Template

  • awsome corporate word flyer template

Word Flyer Templates are User-Friendly

As the flyer templates are in MS Word format, users do not have to experience much trouble editing them as they are highly modifiable already. You can replace textual and design elements in the template. If minimalistic flyer design is what you’re after, then MS Word flyer templates are the best!

Word Flyer Templates are not Setback Free

MS Word flyer templates may be very easy to edit, but they have shortcomings. For instance, it is difficult not to disturb other embedded elements in the template, while you’re trying to move others. It’s quite an uphill task to navigate or replace elements in an MS Word flyer template.

If you’re planning to use unique and specialized fonts in your MS Word flyer template, be informed. This category of flyer templates does not have wide font support. You will have to make sure that whichever specialized font you wish to use is first installed in one or more systems on which the template is going to be edited.


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