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6+ 90th Birthday Invitations Designs & Templates – DOC, PSD, AI, Publisher, Pages, Outlook

Turning a year older is nothing short of a blessing, what’s more, is when you get past the prime ages of 30 to 40 years old; when you reach 50 it is in itself a blessing already. How much more when one lives through the age of 90? In today’s time, 90-year-old people are commonly our grandparents or great-grandparents, the ones who, let us say, have been through it all. However, in a more realistic standpoint, we know there is nowhere else to go, so the desire to give these people grand celebrations on their day of birth is inevitable. Which is also just fitting, as it is about right to celebrate the person and his or her 90 long years of life in this world. You may also see 60th birthday invitation templates.

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Some 90th birthdays are often simple, a modest celebration with loved ones and close friends; some, however, choose to do it in a grander way. In a fancy restaurant with sumptuous meals, a DJ to play nostalgic music, a setup that fits the theme chosen. The grander the better for the person dear to us. For those family members assigned to organize the 90th birthday party, more often than not, exhaust themselves in making sure that everything goes as follows and make sure that it will be a night worth remembering for years. With that said, here is a list of invitation designs and templates ideal and perfect for 90th birthday parties. You may also see birthday templates.

90th Birthday Invitation Template

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Golden Confetti 90th Birthday Party Invitation

Gold 90th Birthday Party Card

The continued adulation for invitation cards despite technology and social media

An invitation card has been around for decades, long before the discovery and obsession of technology and social media. Considering that it has been around for so long, it has grown to become a part of the custom of celebrating birthday parties—that any party would not be complete without an invitation card. However today, no one can deny the increasing power of technology and social media, how it makes people’s lives tremendously easy.

In this digital age, any person you wish to invite to a party is just a click away. But despite all that, invitation cards have remained steadfast and firm in its position and title of being the go-to medium for inviting. What is more ideal is that invitation cards are tangible; it can be felt and can be brought anywhere. With all that said, here are the following reasons why people still continue to prefer invitation cards for their birthday parties:

1. Invitation cards make up the whole idea of the birthday party

When organizing birthday parties, some people make it a point that the central theme is clear and well disseminated. No matter how the grand the setup or the party is in general, it will always be the little details that will make up the whole idea of the birthday party. One of these little details are the invitation card samples, considering that an invitation card can cohere to the theme, it will most certainly wrap the overall idea of the party.

Cohesion is important for any party if you want it streamlined and well thought of. You would not want a disconnect in any of your details with which should be at all cost avoided. Let us say, for your grandparent who is celebrating his or her 90th birthday, you planned for a golden-themed birthday party it is just right you go for invitation cards that have gold design elements on it and not retro polka dots just because it feels nostalgic.

2. You can showcase your creativity with an invitation card

If you have a penchant for arts and crafts, then an invitation card is another avenue for you. This is where an individual can showcase his or her creativity, by doing things that best fit the invitation card (and the overall idea of the birthday party). For instance, putting it inside an envelope that is bejeweled or bedazzled or by writing the names in calligraphy. All these showcase creativity and when you opt for an invitation, it can be a manifestation of your capabilities as a creative individual. You may also see personalized birthday invitation templates.

3. Invitations can be kept for the years to come

Considering that an invitation card is a tangible medium for inviting, which only means it would not get lost in space, it can be kept for years to come for keepsakes. Compared to simply resorting to the more digital option which can be drowned down by other mediums, an invitation card can be physically with you especially in your moments of solitude where reminiscing is called for. That is one of the greatest beauty of an invitation card, is that it can bring back beautiful memories on the day the birthday party happened. By simply looking at it, memories of joy and laughter and love flash right before your eyes. You may also see photo birthday invitation templates.

4. It can make the guests feel excited about the party

Because an invitation card is usually given days or weeks before the birthday party, it not only informs the guests about the event, but it also makes them feel excited. The idea of how an invitation card works is, it in a way is a prelude to the birthday party coming up. It also gives the guests an idea of what to expect for the party, which hypes them up or invigorates them. There is just this unexplainable excitement or thrill that entails with an invitation card, especially when it is well designed. You may also see surprise birthday invitation templates.

Watercolor Floral 90th Birthday Party Card

Surprise Chalkboard 90th Birthday Invitation

What should be in an invitation card?

An invitation card is only effective when it contains all the necessary pieces of information on it. Altogether, these pieces of information not only make up the design element but also help inform the guests of the necessary details about the birthday party. With all that in mind, here are the following pieces of information that should go on a simple invitation card:

1. Name of the celebrant

Names are our identifiers, so putting in the name of the celebrant on the invitation card simply helps identify who is celebrating the birthday or for whom the celebration is. You may also see first birthday invitations.

2. Date of the birthday party

Having this piece of information on your invitation card will allow the guests to prepare ahead of time. It will allow them to reserve the said date in case something else comes up, they can also buy gifts ahead of time, and even plan out an outfit to wear for the party. You may also see adult birthday invitation templates.

3. What dress code you will be implementing

Birthday parties may have a dress code, whether people are conscious of it or not. It is up to you as the organizer to decide what dress code best goes with the birthday party and strictly implement it. Doing so will help in fully realizing the theme of the party or the party in general. You may also see birthday invitation email templates.

4. Address or location of the event

This piece of information simply helps with directing or navigating your guests to the exact location. This is most helpful especially when they are unfamiliar with the place. Just put in mind that, an address on an invitation is necessary. You may also see kids birthday invitation templates.

5. Different contact information

A contact information actually serves for different purposes. It can be used as a means to inquire or clarify more about the birthday party or you can set it up for the RSVP. You can put in your cell phone or telephone number or even your email address; providing different options will allow your guests to contact you whatever is most convenient for them. You may also see 40th birthday invitation templates.

Shimmering 90th Birthday Party Gold Confetti Card

Black and Gold Glitter 90th Birthday Invitation

What is the best way to acquire an invitation card?

As with any medium, there are definitely other options for you to acquire your very own invitation card. You can either go to a physical store and directly buy from them or you can seek the help of a professional graphics artist’s help to materialize your invitation card idea, but you can also simply buy one that is premade and readily available online. You may also see Microsoft invitation templates.

Among the three options mentioned, the best way to acquire your very own invitation card is by buying premade designs and templates online. Why? Simply because of its simplicity, practicality, and effectivity. Invitation cards are as important as the party itself, so it is important despite the party, in general, being expensive, that you do not compromise the quality of any aspect of the party just to meet your budget. Practicality does not mean you compromise quality. There are definitely ways you can be practiced without having to sacrifice anything, especially when it comes to your invitation cards. You may also see 80th birthday invitation samples.

Premade options offer designs and variations of great quality at affordable prices. This means that you do not have to settle for anything mediocre just to meet your budget. They also come in many different designs. Considering that a theme is paramount to any party and is what usually drives the decision-making in buying invitation cards; there is an array that fits every different theme. You may also see carnival birthday invitations.

Premade invitation card designs and templates are all easy to make as it comes in a file that is easy to do so. All you need is a little creativity and patience to actualize your very own invitation card. These designs and templates are all fully editable and customizable to your preference— texts, fonts, colors, sizes, even other elements in the design. Speaking of which, it sometimes comes with a smart object layer that allows you to move around elements of the invitation card for a more personalized and unique design.

If you found this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with individuals or people seeking the most beautiful and the best 90th birthday invitation card designs and templates.

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