23+ 60th Birthday Invitation Templates – PSD, AI

Your 60th birthday invitations should contain ideal wordings and decorum. Checking the free sample of 60th birthday invitation example will help you to make a unique and completely different custom developed invite for a special milestone in your life. It is indeed a great time to rejoice and remember the path you came across. Invite your family and old friends and celebrate the occasion. You can also see Photo Birthday Invitation Templates.

The sample wording, ideas and example of birthday invitation templates will enable you make your own remarkable 60th birthday invitation care with your own design skills and style. A quick glance at the sample will offer you some great inspiration and ideas.

Black and Gold 60th Birthday Party Invitation Template


60th Birthday Party Invitation Template


Elegant 60th Birthday Invitation Template



Personalized News Style 60th Birthday Invitation

  • personalized news style 60th birthday invitation

Customized 60th Birthday Party Invitation with Customizable Photograph

  • customized 60th birthday party invitation with customizable photograph

Vintage Dude Male 60th Birthday Invitation Card

  • vintage dude male 60th birthday invitation card

Diamond Colourful Adult 60th Birthday Invitation

  • diamond colourful adult 60th birthday invitation

Blue Wood Style 60th Birthday Photo Paper Invitation Card

  • blue wood style 60th birthday photo paper invitation card

Ole Fogey Moonshine 60th Birthday Invitation

  • ole fogey moonshine 60th birthday invitation

Surprise 60th Birthday Invitation Digital Printable File

  • surprise 60th birthday invitation digital printable file

Elegant Gold String Lights 60th Birthday Invitations

  • elegant gold string lights 60th birthday invitations

Woodgrain Gold Glitter 60th Birthday Invitation PDF Printable File

  • woodgrain gold glitter 60th birthday invitation pdf printable file

60th Birthday Invitations With Custom Two Photograph

  • 60th birthday invitations with custom two photograph

Blue And White 60th Birthday Invitation for Male

  • blue and white 60th birthday invitation for male

Elegant Purple Plum Black 60th Birthday Invitation with photograph

  • elegant purple plum black 60th birthday invitation with photograph

Printable Gold Silver Black Kiss 60th birthday Invitation Template

  • printable gold silver black kiss 60th birthday invitation template

Andromeda Pink Surprise 60th Birthday Invitation

  • andromeda pink surprise 60th birthday invitation

Elegant Cross Design Two Photo 60th Birthday Invitation

  • elegant cross design two photo sixtieth birthday invitation

Lace Doily Gold Glitter 60th Birthday Invitation

  • lace doily gold glitter 60th birthday invitation

Retro Martini 60th Birthday Invitations

  • retro martini 60th birthday invitations

Gold Ticket Style 60th Birthday Invitation Template

  • gold ticket style 60th birthday invitation template

Cheetah 60th Birthday Invitations for women

  • cheetah 60th birthday invitations for women

Navy and Grey Modern 60th Birthday Invitation

  • navy and grey modern 60th birthday invitation

Charcoal Black 60th Birthday Invitation for Any Ages

  • charcoal black 60th birthday invitation for any ages

Black And White Decorative Framed 60th Birthday Invitations

  • black and white decorative framed 60th birthday invitations


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