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6+ Juice Bottle Label Templates

Juice bottle labels are very important to be well thought of as it can provide advantages not only to the business but also to the consumers who will purchase the juice products. The design and the content of the juice bottle label should both be prioritized as they need to be coherent with each other for a more comprehensive and striking appeal. 

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We can give you samples of juice bottle label templates if you are already in the design planning of the juice bottle label that you will use for your product and you want to have references in creating one. Also, we can provide you with other label templates for more kinds of labels that you may use for other labeling activities and processes that you are currently working on.

Printable Juice Bottle Label


Soda & Juice Bottle Label


Pumpkin Juice Bottle Label


Juice Bottle Label Template


Guidelines in Creating Juice Bottle Labels

If you will create a juice bottle label, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Know the kind of bottle where the bottle label will be used. You need to assure that you are aware of the features of the bottle like its size and shape so you can create a juice bottle label that can complement the bottle structure.
  • If the bottle where the juice bottle label will be used is transparent, have knowledge on the color of the liquid that will be placed in the juice bottle so the juice bottle label will stand out more. This will depend on the features that you will put in the juice bottle label that look great especially with the liquid color as the background.
  • Do not just focus on the design of the juice bottle label. You can also but the content of the juice mixture in the juice bottle label. More so, you can also add the features that make the juice stand out among its competitors

Other than our samples of juice bottle label templates, you may also want to download our other samples of bottle label templates to serve as your guides in creating bottle labels that will hold other kinds of liquids and items. 

Fruit Juice Bottle Label


Energy Drinks Bottle Label


Juice Label Template


Where to Use Juice Bottle Labels

A juice bottle label may be usable in the following instances:

  • It can be used by businesses to create branding so people can incorporate the bottle design to the company that created the product.
  • It can also be used to relay information about a juice product that is available for purchase in the market.
  • It can be used to decorate juice bottle souvenirs in various events like weddings.
  • Juice bottle labels can be used to label special juice drinks that are offered during holiday celebrations and other functions.

The Juice Bottle Label Design

Here are a few items that are needed to be considered in creating a juice bottle label design:

  • The color of the juice bottle label
  • The fonts that will be used in the name of the juice or the brand of the juice that will be placed in the juice bottle label
  • The design items that are related to the ingredients that are used in the juice mixture
  • The background of the juice bottle label may it be an image or a color that is related to the entity who will create the juice
  • Other features that can provide a more pleasing impact to the juice bottle label

Aside from our samples and templates of juice bottle labels, our samples of other printable label templates are also available for download. 

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