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Labels are very important because they help you determine the name and contents of a certain material. Bottles with pills and drugs inside used for medicine wasn’t labelled not until after the year 1939. Today, labels are very helpful in determining the nutritional contents and ingredients of a certain medicine. Here’s how to make a pill bottle label in five steps and here are some sample templates.

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5 Steps to Make a Pill Bottle Label

Here are five steps on how to effectively make a pill bottle label. You can choose between starting on a blank canvas or downloading any pill bottle online templates for a faster process and high quality design.

Step 1: Choose an online pill bottle label template

You can always have the option of making a pill bottle template on a blank canvass but to make the job easier and more convenient for you, it’s best to take advantage of these online templates. These templates are predesigned already with texts, graphics, and design. You are then only a few steps away from having a bottle label of your own.

Step 2: If you want to start on a blank canvass, choose a modern editing software

Thanks to our digital world today, we can make design straight from our smart phones, with the help of the accessibility of editing software that are for download online. If you are feeling creative and you want to make your own pill bottle label template, feel free to choose from any modern editing software and choose one that you are familiar with.

Step 3: Write down the details of your pill bottle

Pill bottle labels should be very detailed and specific when it comes to their details. Some of these details includes the active ingredient, uses, warnings, directions, and other inactive ingredients. These information ought to be found on your label as this is considered as a precautionary measure for an individual.

Step 4: Edit and add some design elements

Who says labels can’t be designed? Feel free to use shapes and boxes to organize your information. You can also use colors to highlight some texts. Observe visual hierarchy when arranging the outline for your texts. If you must include photos, make sure that the photos are royalty free or can be scaled to a smaller size and yet retain a high quality.

Step 5: Print your pill bottle label template

Unlike other designs, pill bottle labels follow no standard size as it depends on the bottle size and shape of the label that you want. Bottle labels should be printed on glossy paper finish. The shiny coating will help preserve the colors, including the texts, which is the most important in a label. The quality of your printing method must be top priority.

5+ Pill Bottle Label Templates

Browse through these pill bottle label templates that are made readily available for download and use online. Some of these can be downloaded for free and some has a certain price amount in order to avail this template.

1. Free Pill Bottle Label Template

free pill bottle label template 440x570 1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Indesign
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Publisher

Size: US


Are you looking for an effective pill bottle template? Look no further and download this Free Pill Bottle Label Template today! This very accessible template is fully editable and customizable. It can also be printed across a variety of file formats. It’s high in quality, hassle-free, and user friendly.

2. Free Medical Pill Bottle Label Template

free medical pill bottle label template 440x570 1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: US


Pill Bottle Labels ought to be professionally-made as a patient’s health and recovery is on the line with this. So go ahead and get this Free Medical Pill Bottle Label Template. Are you worried about feeling unable to edit this template? You don’t have to be. This template has smart objects, along with graphics layered on scalable vectors for easier editing.

3. Vitamins Tablets Pills Bottle Label Template

1 6 Download

We understand how necessary it is to have an efficient pill bottle label. That’s why our team of professional graphic designers made this template just for you. Check out this Vitamins Tablets Pills Bottle Label Template. This template uses only high quality graphics for a top quality design. Go ahead and click the download button now!

4. Dietary Supplement Pill Bottle Label Template

1a screenshot 1 Download

Assure patients and customers that they are getting the right medicine with this Dietary Supplement Pill Bottle Label Template. This template may look like a lot of work, but in reality, it isn’t. This template is already predesigned, and there’s so few things left to adjust to make it to the label of your preference. Get this template today!

5. Bottle, Box and Pills Mockup Label Template

bottle01 Download

What’s so amazing about this template? Well, firstly, this template will give you a template for your box and for your bottle too. Also, you can easily place your own label since it has smart objects which allows easier editing. It is also printable under any file format it is compatible with. Download this Bottle, Box and Pills Mockup Label Template now.

6. Pills Bottle Mockup 3 Label Template

preview 01


Who says getting a pill bottle template has to be hard? Check out this Pills Bottle Mockup 3 Label Template. Download this template for a great deal today! This template is very convenient to use since it has high quality graphics layered on scalable vectors for easier editing and customizing. Feel free to check out this template and see how it can help you in your business.

7. Pills Bottle Mock-up Label Template

01 pills bottle mockup Download

Promote your label printing business and services more efficiently with this Pills Bottle Mock-up Label Template. Pharmaceuticals will surely trust you with a template as effective as this. This template can be easily edited even on the simplest editing application which is Microsoft Word, and even on IOS supported devices. See how convenient that is?

8. Supplement/Protein Jar Label Mockup Template

01 supplement protein jar label mock up Download

Pill bottle labels have to be reliable in order for a person to keep taking that same medicine prescribed. Which is why this Supplement/Protein Jar Label Mockup Template was carefully made to be able to provide you with an excellent template. This template assures you full editable and customizable features. Get one today!

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