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Label Templates

Labels for your website or word doc, you can find them and download them easily for free if you look in the right place. Now the choice of the kinds of labels will drop your jaws but you can definitely find what you have been looking for if you mention the right size in inches, the color tone, theme, etc. These label templates are black aside from the motifs and the background colors. You can add different textures, hues and fonts to make them suitable for your purpose.... Read More


10+ School Book Labels in Illustrator | InDesign | Word | Pages | Photoshop | Publisher

Living in a fast-paced environment is physically and emotionally draining. Almost everything is fleeting, thus, there is a need to assert ownership to a specific thing. Books, among all other things, are essential to one’s life in the continued journey of knowledge. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and topics. Books in the academe aid a learner’s process. School books are a requirement, especially among primary and middle school. Make sure to track all your books by placing a book label on it. In case, you lose or misplace it, it can be easily returned to you.

10+ Father’s Day Label Templates

For the month of June, one of the most celebrated holidays is Father’s Day. This is the day where everyone has an excuse to do nice things for their fathers, in exchange for all the hard work and dedication fathers have put to meet the needs and wants of everyone in the family. To make Father’s Day even more special, use labels as a small way to celebrate this special event.

7+ Medical Pill Bottle Label Templates

By the year 2018, a new study found out that almost 55 percent of Americans are taking in prescription medicine every day. This study concludes that people are growing more and more susceptible to diseases daily and some are growing the need to maintain a healthy body by taking multivitamins. This article will guide you how to make a medical pill bottle label template.

5+ Professional Pill Bottle Labels Templates

Labels are very important because they help you determine the name and contents of a certain material. Bottles with pills and drugs inside used for medicine wasn’t labelled not until after the year 1939. Today, labels are very helpful in determining the nutritional contents and ingredients of a certain medicine. Here’s how to make a pill bottle label in five steps and here are some sample templates.

10+ Label Templates in Apple Pages

Years ago, the first labels were made to mark medical containers. With this method, people realized that it’s easier to remember things when they are named. Soon enough, labels started making an appearance in wineries. Fruit vendors realized that their products are much easier to market when they have labels. People came to the conclusion that labeling something and getting creative with it can increase customer attraction and product reliability.