Label Templates

Labels for your website or word doc, you can find them and download them easily for free if you look in the right place. Now the choice of the kinds of labels will drop your jaws but you can definitely find what you have been looking for if you mention the right size in inches, the color tone, theme, etc. These label templates are black aside from the motifs and the background colors. You can add different textures, hues and fonts to make them suitable for your purpose Read More

Vector Images help in Manipulating Label Size-

The shape is a major governing factor when it comes to winnowing templates. They come in various sizes, rectangular, square, oval, completely round, heart shaped, polygonal etc. but their sizes are definitely adjustable and scalable. Since they are vector images mostly they tend not to pixilate on stretching. But the most amazing part is, you can sort them out on the basis of the software programs that can be sued to edit them. For example there are separate label templates for MS word and separate ones for PDF.

Address to Greeting Cards, find your Label Right Here-

Now these labels can be used on your website for various purposes; designing address labels, virtual business cards which can be sent via email, shipping labels, templates for creating cards, etc. To set each one apart from the other you can tweak with the templates on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and even MS Word. Some of these templates can also be downloaded in full-bleed, printer ready forms for direct prints and can be used as product labels, address labels, folder/file labels etc. directly from the websites.