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A food label helps people know the food item that is in a container, especially if the container is not made of a clear transparent material. There are many ways that a food label may be designed depending on the aesthetic and organizational viewpoint of the person who will use it.

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We can give you samples of food label templates if you need to have design ideas in the creation of the food label that you want to use in any food container or food storage item. Also, you may use our other downloadable samples of label templates for other labeling activities that you may want to do.

Free Sample Food Label to Print

free sample food label to print Free Download

Free Food Label Template to Edit

free food label template to edit Free Download

Printable Food Label Template

printable food label template Free Download

Free Food Gift Label Template

>free food gift label template

Printable Blank Food Label

printable blank food label Download

Blank Frozen Food Label

blank frozen food label Download

Blank Food Label Stickers

blank food label stickers Download

Blank Minecraft Food Label

blank minecraft food label Download

Blank Food Label Worksheet

blank food label worksheet Download

Vintage Blank Food Label

vintage blank food label Download

Food Label Design

A few of the design ideas that you may incorporate in your food label are as follows:

  • You may use a similar pattern to all the food labels that you will do so that they will look cohesive when they are put in a particular place together.
  • There are different icons that you may use in the design of your food label, which may include the actual photo of the food item in a particular storage.
  • You can create particular designs for specific food groups so that your food labels will also serve as markers about the kind of food that is inside the food containers.
  • If you want your food label to be simple, you can just opt to use food labels with varying colors, line designs, and structures.

Textual Fonts Used in Food Labels

The proper use of text is very important in the overall effectiveness and visual design of the food label. Here are a few suggestions that you may follow in selecting the font of the texts that you will use in your food label design:

  • Make sure that the font that you will use is big enough to be readable.
  • Do not use a font that is too fancy it is already deemed to be inappropriate for a food label.
  • Assure that the font that you will use will complement the design of the food label or even the entire food container.

Other than our food label templates, you may also want to browse through our downloadable samples of bottle label templates.

Blank Food Nutrition Label

blank food nutrition label Download

Free Blank Food Label

free blank food label1 Download

Guidelines in Creating Food Labels

If you have already decided to use food labels in the proper food labeling of the items in your food storage or kitchen area, here are a few guidelines that you may follows:

  • The size of the food container or storage must be considered for you to be able to come up with an appropriate size of a food label.
  • Be sure that the food label that you will use can specify the food item being held by a food container so that the effeciency of the food label and the purpose of its creation will be fully maximized.

Importance of Food Labels

Using food labels is important for the following reasons:

  • It helps in the organization of food storage.
  • It allows people to easily see the food items that they want to have or they are looking for.
  • It creates awareness to people who are not always present in the kitchen area regarding the food items that are in a specific food container.

If the samples and templates that we have provided in this article not be sufficient for you to decide on what food label design to apply in the food label that you want to use, you may download more samples of food label templates in the link provided.

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