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7+ Perfume Bottle Label Templates

A perfume bottle label can provide either a glimpse or a lot of information about the perfume where it is made. There are a lot of ways that a perfume bottle label may be designed, and it varies on the type of perfume available, the smell profile of the perfume, and the target market of the company whom they think will provide the most purchasing activity that can lead to the perfume’s success.

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We can provide you with samples of perfume bottle label templates if you want to have references in creating the label that you may use in the perfume bottle either for selling or as a project requirement. Other than that, we also have a variety of downloadable label templates usable for labeling different products and materials.

Perfume Bottle Label Template

Printable Perfume Bottle Labels

Vintage Perfume Bottle Labels


Perfume Bottles with Sales Labels



Information in a Perfume Bottle Label

A few items that may be included in a perfume bottle label are as follows:

  • The name of the company who produced the perfume
  • The name of the perfume
  • The ingredients that were used and formulated to create the perfume
  • The smell variant of the perfume
  • The year that the perfume has been made

There are information that may either be added or deducted to the list above, depending on how the company would like the perfume to look like. It also varies on the market that is expected to purchase the perfume and the overall quality of both the perfume and the perfume design.

Shapes of Perfume Bottle Labels

There are many shapes that can be used in designing a perfume bottle label. A few of the common shapes used for this kind of product label are as follows:

  • Labels of oval and circular shapes are mainly used for perfume bottles that are transparent. It allows people to see the perfume inside the container, and it also helps in giving character to the overall design of the bottle.
  • Square and rectangular perfume bottle labels are usually seen when the background color of the label is the same that of the bottle’s. It make the perfume appear more polished and well put together.
  • Special shapes like those that have swirls and a variety of cuts is used for adding a visual design to the aesthetic of the perfume bottle’s label.

Aside from our samples and templates of perfume bottle labels, we can also provide you with different kinds of bottle label templates available for download.

DIY Perfume Bottle Labels

Perfume Bottle Label Stickers

Blank Perfume Bottle Label

Designing a Perfume Bottle Label

A perfume bottle label may be designed as follows:

  • You may use the image of the main ingredient or material that is present in the perfume’s formula mixture. Mostly, flowers and fruits are used for this type of design as they look good as much as how they smell.
  • The design materials used by the company in other products that it has already produced can also be placed in the perfume bottle label for branding purposes.
  • The location where the perfume has been made can also create a big impact to consumers, most especially if the location is known in producing great smelling perfumes.
  • The color of either the perfume or the perfume bottle may also be the inspiration of the perfume bottle label.

You can use any of the design suggestions listed above or you can even combine two or more of them together. Other than our perfume label templates, you may also be interested to browse through and download other kinds of printable label templates usable in different labeling and organizing activities.

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