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Spices are used for flavoring food. Moreover, they are also used for coloring and preserving specific kinds of food options. Spices may come from the seed, bark, fruit, or root parts of a plant. There may be a rampant confusion with spices and herbs as they almost serve the same function in giving additional flavor to food items.

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Food spices are usually powdered or broken into tinier pieces for convenience and storage purposes. This is the reason why spice jar labels are needed to be done so to avoid confusion on which jar contains the specific spice in it. We can provide you with spice jar label templates and other label templates which you may use for other labeling needs.

Free Spice Jar Label

free spice jar labelDownload

Printable Spice Jar Label

printable spice jar labelDownload

Round Spice Jar Label Template

round spice jar label templateDownload

DIY Spice Jar Label Template

diy spice jar label templateDownload

Spice and Herbs Label Templates

spice and herbs label templatesDownload

Importance of a Spice Jar Label

A spice jar label is essential for the following reasons:

  • It allows the easy tracking of the spices that are already available in the pantry or storage area.
  • It helps people, especially guests, to know the spices that they need and in which jar these spices are stored.
  • It helps in the organization of spices storage which makes it easier to get the spice that you need during specific food preparation or cooking processes.
  • It allows the jar to be used for the same spices that it held once should supply already run out so that it will not mix with the other flavors of different spices.

When to Use a Spice Jar Label?

You can use a spice jar label to help you in the following instances:

  • If you are already having a hard time identifying the spices in your storage area.
  • If you usually add spices to the dishes that you prepare and cook so that it will be easier for you to locate the spices that you need in a specific period of time.
  • If you want your kitchen to be more organized and if you want to provide cohesion to the items that can be found in your kitchen area.

Other than our spice jar label layouts and templates, you may also download our bottle label templates, which you may use in labeling other kinds of containers.

Spice Jar Vector Label Set

spice jar vector label setDownload

Blank Spice Jar Label

blank spice jar labelDownload

Chalkboard Spice Jar Label

chalkboard spice jar labelDownload

Herb Labels

The difference between spices and herbs is the source or part of the plant where they were taken from. Again, spices are taken from the seed, bar, fruit, and roots of a plant. On the other hand, herbs are from the flowers and leaves of plants. However, both of them may be used for garnishing, flavoring, and medicinal purposes.

Since they can be used for the same functions, you may also use our jar labels not only for spices but also for the herbs that can be found in your kitchen.

List of Spices and Herbs

Here are a few spices and herbs, which you may store in a jar where our jar label templates may be used:

  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Cumin
  • Garlic powder
  • Oregano
  • Dill
  • Basil
  • Tarragon

When storing these spices and herbs, you need to make sure that you are aware of their quality so you can assess their expiration and what they look like when they are already unusable, especially if you’ve processed them by yourself rather than buying those that are readily available in the marketplace.

Other than our spices jar label templates, we also have other jar label templates, which you may use as labels for other storage options and materials.

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