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13+ Water Bottle Label Templates – PSD, AI, Word

Water is a necessity. We all need to consume water to survive. Without drinking any water consistently for three straight days, humans will die. We all need water, and our bodies need water as well. According to LiveScience, water flows through the blood, carries oxygen and nutrients to cells, and flushes wastes out of our bodies. It cushions our joints and soft tissues. Without water as a day-to-day part of our lifestyle and food intake, we cannot absorb or digest food.

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Labeling water bottles may seem simple and easy, but there’s so much more to it than that. Some who put labels on water bottles has to be careful what he puts on by choosing the correct label templates.

Water Bottle Label Template

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Wedding Water Bottle Label Template

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Water Bottle Template

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Free Bottle Label Template to Print

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Free Water Bottle Label Template


Printable Water Bottle Label Template


Water Bottle Label PSD Template


Black and White Water Bottle Label Template


Wedding Water Bottle Label


Energize Bottled Water Drinkers

If you’re planning to have your water bottles labeled with your brand name, you just have to follow these simple tips:

  • Banner size for your water bottle label templates. Your water brand name should approximately be 2.5″×9.25″, including the nutritional facts, which is mostly located at the right part, and the per serving count.
  • Details such as the manufacturer’s address and its contact numbers is very important and useful to have it indicated too.
  • The expiration date on the water bottle should be indicated as well. Although water itself wouldn’t expire or spoil, according to LiveScience, water bottles have an expiration date because the plastic bottle in which the water is contained does expire and it’s probable that the chemicals from the plastic bottle will eventually start leaking into the water.

Another thing to consider is your water logo. It’s very much advisable to have a water brand logo that depicts the freshness and reliability for which your water brand is known. It should be good to go after that one. Also, to complement, you can also put inspiring quotations on the water bottle template to energize your customers or people who buy drinking bottled water.

Personalized Water Bottle Label Template


Blank Water Bottle Label Template


Vintage Water Bottle Label Template


Chevron Water Bottle Label Template


Birthday Water Bottle Label Template


More Water, More Power

Water bottle labels are actually friendly to work with, despite of it being very detailed and concise. And yet, somehow it should be in some ways similar and identifiable as a drinking water or better yet as water in general. Nowadays, we have come with a lot of bottled water variations, which are strictly for drinking, such as:

  • Drinking water. This is basically a clean water that is safe to drink or safe to use for food without any health related problems.
  • Purified drinking water. A type of water that has been through the process of distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis.
  • Alkaline water. Water that is higher on the pH scale than regular tap water. Those who frequent alkaline water claim it neutralizes acidity in the body and even halts the aging process.
  • Mineral water. It is a natural water that contains 250 parts per million dissolved solids totally. It’s also pretty much ironic how no minerals whatsoever has been added to this type of bottled water.
  • Sparkling bottled water. This water contains the same amount of carbon dioxide after treatment.
  • Artesian water. Also known as artesian well water. This is water from a well.
  • Spring water. A kind of water which you can find underground which water flows naturally.

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