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How to Make a Bakery Brochure in Apple Pages

Have you noticed that there are always cakes, cupcakes, and other delicious delights present on every occasion? That's why if you have a bakery business, you need to step up your advertising level so that people can take advantage of your bakery's delicious goodies during those special occasions. Lucky for you, we have our step-by-step guide below that can help you create a brochure for your baking shop. Carefully follow the steps below, and we assure you that by the end of the day, you will be able to produce a stunning outcome. Here's how!

1. Create An Outline

The very first step in making a brochure is to create an outline. And by creating an outline means you need to plan the layout, the designs, the font style, and more. Take note that a brochure has various forms and styles, such as bi-fold, tri-fold, and others. That's the reason why you need to determine whether what type of layout you want to use. By doing this, it will help you visualize how will your brochure look like. So, as early as now, create an outline already.

2. Prepare the Needed Information

Now that you already have an outline don't forget to prepare all the needed information for your business brochure. Such information includes your bakeshop logo, contact information, bakery menu (if you want), available pastry products, and a lot more. As the owner, always make sure to state every important information because it will undoubtedly help you gain more customers to avail of your products.

3. Add High-Quality Images

People tend to read more of your modern brochure's content if there are any images attached to it. That's why if you want to attract more customers, then we highly recommend you use and insert high-quality pastry images. You may feature some of your tasty and best-looking cake images before so that people will have an idea of how amazing your skills are. But take note that a brochure only has limited space. Therefore, as much as possible, don't put too much images on it. One or two is enough.

4. Download One of Our Templates

If you're too busy baking stuff and others, and unfortunately you don't have the time to start from a blank canvass, then it would be best if you choose and download one of our brochure templates above! Downloading this template is not just time-saving, but it's also convenient, especially if you own any iOS products such as Mac, iPhone, and others because this template is available in Apple Pages using any of the mentioned devices.

5. Finalize Everything and Print

Make sure to finalize everything before you proceed to the printing process. Once it's done, you may start printing it on high-quality and thick paper stock. Here's a tip: distribute the brochure to as many people that you can. And in order for you to reach a larger audience, you can also upload and share it on social media sites.

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