Forming a menu for your bakery might not be as important as the other factors involved in ensuring a successful and profitable business. But it's a must that you create an appealing and attractive menu that is easy to read and understand for your customers. Fret not! Our website offers a good number of ready-made and beautifully-designed Bakery Menu Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages that are dessert and pastry worthy. They're instantly downloadable and printable in (US) 8.5x11 inches, 5x7 inches, and 4.25x11 inches + Bleed sizes. Don't wait much longer. Download a template now to sell your trays of delicious baked goods to consumers.

How To Make A Bakery Menu Templates In Apple Pages

An article in Open Table states that 86 percent of diners go online and checks the menu before visiting an establishment. And when customers walk into your front door, the first thing they'll do is look at your menu before ordering. This gives you an idea of how important it is to have a well-designed menu for your bakery. A proper menu design entices and excites consumers. It creates a good impression and improves sales.

Here are things to keep in mind when creating a bakery menu in Apple Pages.

1. Creative Names Entice Consumers

Businesses benefit from creative food name ideas. It attracts customers and keeps them interested in your products. When naming your cupcakes and pastries, think of references, puns, quotes, seasonal descriptors, etc. And keep in mind that the name should reflect your bakery's brand. Creative menu item names boost sales, so take your time.

2. Food Description is a Must

Not everyone knows the items on your menu, so help them decide on what to order by providing descriptions for each item. Are they savory, sweet, tangy, etc.? Be sure to include a list of the ingredients as well to upsell them. For instance, a chocolate cupcake, you can describe it as "chocolate cupcake oozing with melted chocolate in the middle and covered with rainbow sprinkles." Keep your description short but effective.

3. Prices should be Strategically Formatted

First of all, you need to include the prices of your baked goods on your menu. Now, the price formatting matters. According to Gregg Rapp of Menu Technologies, adding a dollar sign makes people focus on the price, which leads them to select the cheapest item on the menu. Thus, only use numbers with decimals. And as the psychology of numbers suggests, end your prices in .75, .49, or .99 instead of .00, so it's more friendly.

4. Design within your Bakery's Theme

Menu design is an essential aspect of your bakery's branding and marketing. That's why the looks of your menu should match with your bakery's theme. Take advantage of design features like placement, spacing, and font to ensure that your costumers will focus on your featured item. Use contrasting colors for your background and font so you're text is readable. If you wish to skip this process, use a pre-made template that matches your theme. Check out our list of enticing Printable Menu Templates. They contain preformatted designs and layouts which you can fully edit and further customize in Apple Pages. Its less hassle and time-consuming.

5. Always Review Before Downloading and Printing

There are times wherein mistakes are made without you noticing it. Thus, the importance of reviewing your work before saving it. So, go over your work twice and carefully check each element for design or spelling errors. Once you're happy with the final output, save, download, and print your food menu. Produce a digital copy for customers who check menus online and a printed copy for customers ordering in your store.

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