Employees are not only incentive driven; they are also inspired by how you handle them. The Intrinsic Motivation Theory explains that an individual is motivated to act for the enjoyment or challenge involved rather than for outside items, demands, or incentives. Hence, when you treat employees as if they were your family, they will be motivated to work. They will also show you respect and displays enthusiasm towards their responsibilities, producing a healthy workplace environment. Therefore, show them love and make them feel special by remembering their birthday. Birthdays are one of the most significant moments of a person's life. So, stop doubting and try our ready-made Birthday Calendar Template. It's 100% customizable, editable, downloadable, and printable. It's also available in MS Word, Apple Pages, InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, MS Publisher. And for more business deals, you can subscribe to our website at Template.net.

How to Create a Birthday Calendar in Google Docs

A birthday calendar is a time table of the date of birth of the people that are born in a particular month. It also serves as a reminder of people who will celebrate their birthday on a specific month. It's typically used in offices, classrooms, hospitals, or even at home. Birthday Calendars are perfect for you to appreciate your employees making them feel special and making them feel like a family.

Creating this type of calendar might consume your time, but we made it easier for you. Our team of professionals crafted some tips to help you get that perfect birthday calendar. All you need to do is to read the tips below:

1. Bunch Up Some Data

Get a piece of paper and let the workers write their names along with their birth date on it. Or you can get the details from their resumes or the fill-in forms. You can list them through handwriting or typing them immediately on your laptop or personal computer to make it easier for you to input it on your device.

2. Design Your Layout

Use the internet to access google docs on your laptop or personal computer. Remember, this type of tool is running while connecting your computer to the internet. Google Docs has features that allow you to design your layout. You can start fabricating your layout by inserting a table so that you can provide the number of columns and rows. Or you may use other options on this tool for you to create a very dazzling editable calendar.

3. Place the Names

Now, put the employees ' names according to the day they were born. In this way, you'll be able to keep track of the people who will celebrate their birthday on a specific month. The sample calendar will also remind you to celebrate with them. Make sure to put the correct spelling of their names to avoid disappointing them.

4. Keep a Record and Let it Roll

Always save a copy of your work. You can keep it by using your personal computer, laptop, or USB device; You may also save it on the website through yahoo mail or google drive. Keeping a soft copy of it means that you can use the template in the future. After saving your work, print the current month, or you can produce the entire month for the same year.

5. Make Whoopee!

Post your calendar's hard copy now on the newsletter, bulletin board, or at the office wall so that anyone can see who is celebrating their birthday on that day. In this way, the workers can plan something for their friends. Therefore, your employees will feel special because you remembered their birthday.

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