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How To Create A Blog Header In Adobe Photoshop

Getting into the game of digital marketing as a startup is very difficult for one, especially if you don't have the right arsenal. Although having a blog content is another different story, starting your blog website interface must be your priority. There's a gathered statistic that 38% of online viewers will stop engaging a website if the page layout is unattractive. The figures alone prove to you that having a compelling blog header is your great advantage.

As your starting line from your desired blog, you can refer to our actualized guide on how you can make your blog header. 

1. Identify The Motive Of Your Blog

You can't start your desired blog header without having a plan and establishing the purpose of your blog site. Start your creation by determining the nature of your blog. You might want to have a music blog, a personal blog, a travel blog, or a lifestyle blog. Regardless of your blog's aim, proper initiation, and planning of your header site would be vital for you.

2. Come Up With A Design Motif

Part of your blog website planning stage, consider simply listing a website theme that would fit you. Upon identifying the appropriate motif for your blog site, make sure to think of a possible scheme that would be relevant to your desired approach. Be creative as much as possible; design motif such as pastel, a minimalistic, or floral theme could be your choice. However, upon choosing the best theme, you can also refer to the present design trends that are available.

3. Utilize The Adobe Photoshop Software

There are a lot of editing software that offers high-end tools that are vital for your blog header layout. One of them is the Adobe Photoshop program. Adobe Photoshop is a layout program that is specially programmed to make one design easier. It provides its users with a user-friendly feature, and it allows one to enhance the graphic elements that are essential in a design layout. Access this application with the use of your available Windows and Apple devices.

4. Maximize The Engagement

For you to improve your website engagement, not just through content SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can also include adding your social media contacts such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. With this process, your interaction would not only limit to the search sites, but you can extend it to your desired peak.

5. Download A Pre-Programmed Template File

As a blogger, a pre-made website header is your great avenue to save your time and effort on having from square one. As you can observe above, we rendered a series of blog header templates that you can use. We offer template files such as Photographer Blog Header Template, Book Author Blog Header Template, Musician Blog Header Template that guarantees you an editable layout experience.