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How to Create a Blog Header in Publisher

When it comes to having a blog, it is important to make every first impression count. This is why you have to make the most out of your blog header design by making sure it reflects the mission and vision of your blog. For some, creating a blog header is something that can be daunting, especially if it's their first time doing it. To help you out with that, we provide you the following guidelines that you can use to create an effective blog header design template with Microsoft Publisher.

1. Come Up with a Coherent and Creative Concept

A concept will always be an important part of every design material, and that includes your blog header. As mentioned, you need to make every first impression count and with the absence of a concept, your blog header will defeat its purpose which is to establish your brand as soon as site visitors land on your blog site. Your concept provides your site visitors a clear understanding and definition of what your blog is all about as soon as they land on your blog.

2. Know Your Blog Header Size and Launch Microsoft Publisher

It is important that you determine the right size of your blog header as this can affect the overall quality of your final output. Knowing the right dimensions of your blog header ensures that you incorporate the right size of images or illustrations into your canvas. Right after determining so, you may start launching Microsoft Publisher and set the page according to the appropriate size.

3. Consider the Use of a Ready-Made Template

In creating a blog header template, there are two ways on how you do it—you can either start from scratch or you can use a ready-made header template. But if you have little to no skills in graphic designing, short on time, or you simply want to come up with a professionally made template that you can still further modify to suit your preferences, then do consider the use of a ready-made blog header template. This page already comes with a collection of templates you can choose from. What's even great is that you can customize each template's preformatted layout using Microsoft Publisher.

4. Customize Your Chosen Template According to Your Needs

If you have decided on using a blog header template, do not just settle at its ready-made format or preformatted layout. Even if the template that we have here in PRO has already been designed with expert professionals, you still need to further customize it according to your business needs so it can actually work well on your end. Start by changing the text placeholders with your own details such as your blog site's name as well as its tagline.

5. Incorporate Visuals that Work Well for Your Blog

Not all 'cute' graphics and 'pretty' images will work well with the kind of niche your blog has, so, upon customizing your chosen template, make sure that you only incorporate the ones that can actually serve a relevant purpose for your blog. If you haven't had a photoshoot for your blog site yet, you can actually make use of Creative Commons-licensed images or free-to-use stock photography which are readily available online. Aside from relevance, see to it that the graphics, illustrations, or images you choose are of high-quality that suit the size requirement for your blog header design.