How to Create a Children's Book Cover in Apple Pages

Whether a publishing company caters you or you are self-publishing, to make you book a bestseller or a hit, you need to do various marketing and promotions. Aside from a well-written story, what makes a piece of literature —in this case, a book, stand out is through advertising and being known. Each year, there are over 1 million newly published books; thus, you have to strive to sell your craft —it could be by building an author brand, extend your social media connection, etc. That said, entice your prospects by creating a cover design that as wonderful as its content.

Hence, we provide you with some tips and techniques in creating a beautiful children's book cover using Apple Pages.

1. Plan

To come up with the best book cover design, you need to generate a well-thought plan. You can ask for help from your agent, friends, or co-authors on how to arrive at a great result. Together, discuss the pros and cons, as well as the dos and don'ts. Also, take into account the interest of your readers. Do not limit your readers into children; because there are also adults that prefer to read children's literature, especially classic children's books. After the discussion, create an outline for an orderly work.

2. Draw

Even though we have provided you some amazing graphic templates, make time for visualization and imagining to arrive at a perfect outcome. Put yourself in the reader's shoes. In that way, you will have an idea of what design to make because if you continue with your preference, there is a big possibility that your readers will be uninterested or will not see the greatness of your book. Hence, visualize and sketch. It is advantageous to possess a draft of your design because it will make the flow of your task smoother.

3. Design

Start working on the layout. First, select a template that closely connects to your drafted modern book cover. Afterward, start putting up the elements together. Ensure that the components of your layout are appropriate and pleasing. Make use of Apple Pages in doing the customization. Moreover, use vibrant colors because children prefer bold colors, apply calligraphy fonts, or at least fonts that are eye-catching, insert striking illustrations or clipart, and more. In designing, do not forget to add the content such as the author's name, the title of the book, praise from a notable reader, etc. Make sure that each detail is accurate and precise.

4. Polish

Polish your work by adding some finishing touches to it and double-checking it. Do not forget that your craft represents you as the owner, that is why polishing is advantageous because you will have the time to edit if there are things to improve in terms of clarity, word usage, redundancy, etc.

5. Save

At the top of your screen, you will find the taskbar and the File menu. Click on the "file" and on "save" afterward. Now, you already have a soft copy of your craft on your laptop or computer.

6. Print

Print your file on a good-quality printing medium to preserve the quality of your craft. Also, printing it on a high-class material will prolong its shelf-life.

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