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How to Make a Company Brochure in Apple Pages

On the event of promoting and advertising your company to a huge number of potential customers, you may need brochures. Although brochures are not the only channels to reach for an audience, brochures are still effective. Brochures are not expensive to produce. They are even convenient since you are just going to hand them to people. If your engineering, insurance, or any kind of company has decided to create some company brochures, here are some simple but easy steps to follow:

1. Determine Your Market

Since brochures are one of the ways to promote your company, you need to know who these brochures are for. Do you have a specific audience that you want to reach? Do you know this audience? How are you going to market these people through your brochures? Your goal is to make brochures for the people who are most likely to get products and services from your company. Having a target audience will make your brochures more effective.

2. Make an Outline of Your Brochure

You need to make a plan about what your brochures will have. This is like a drafted proposal on how your brochures will look like. Just write your ideas on your pen and paper. Don't worry if you think some of the contents of your outline are mediocre. You will still have a lot of time to alter them on the process of making your company's brochure. Moreover, you can scan your old brochures or just simply search company brochure sampleas your guide.

3. Choose a Template

To make things easier for you, choose your brochure template and download it. There are a lot of brochure templates out there, so choose the brochure template that fits your company and your purpose. Also, you should decide what kind of fold your brochure will have. You can have it in bifold or trifold format. Then, open Apple Pages to start editing. What's good about this software is it's very accessible since you can make your brochures using your PC or your Mac.

4. Use Simple Language

No one would want to read a complicated written business brochure. Be creative in using your language so that your readers will not be bored. Also make sure that your usage of words is simply comprehensible to your audience.

5. Brochure Content

Most importantly, when you start writing for the content, you should know how to market your company. Take note that you have to write on your brochures what your audience wants to know. Put yourself on your customers' shoes, what questions will you ask? Once you know the possible questions, then you can make content about answering them. Write some examples of your services and products to make your customers know what they can get.

6. Excite Your Audience to View Inside

Your front page should accelerate your customers to read your brochures further. A plain and boring front page on the brochures will not work. Make use of attractive design and graphics. Think about strategies that will surely capture their attention. You can write some teasing promos on your front page if you have any. Be unconventional and try new methods.

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