Sitting on a log and holding a cup of coffee in your hand in the middle of the woods, plus, smelling the scent of nature's moist and seeing the wonderful picturesque view of the mountains could take your stress away. Ever want to share this kind of experience for those people who need to relax and meditate? Why not organize a camp? Our ready-made Camp Schedule Template will help you arrange a program that corresponds to your needs. It's 100% downloadable, editable, and printable. It's also available in Google DocsWord, and Pages. And for more business deals, you can subscribe to our website at

How to Create a Camp Schedule in Google Docs

So, what does the word camping mean? It is an outdoor activity where you can temporarily live in mountains, beaches, or other areas, by using tents as your temporary home. In fact, camping events are on the rise for fitness, rehabilitation, and cure purposes. According to a 2018 survey by in North America, 44 percent of respondents agreed that camping was a perfect way to escape daily tension. Due to this very reason, organized camps increased, and that is why a camp schedule is needed.

A camp schedule is a timetable of camp activities set by the camp organizer. It also consists of a well-planned program and lists of events that would happen during the camp. However, creating a camp schedule can be tough. And that is why you need our help for you to make one. All you need to do is to follow the steps below provided by our team of professionals for your convenience:

1. Plan Ahead of Time

Organizing a summer camp requires planning. And for you to prepare, you'll need to brainstorm with your squad, if you need to. Drafting a plan together with your team can help you create an enjoyable camping activity. People have different thoughts and experiences they can share, so you might need their advice and suggestions to organize a camp activity.

2. Set Your Goals

Goals are very essential in your camping activity. It will help you find the purpose of your camp program. Goals will also help you provide the lists of events that you want to do during your camping session. So, what are you waiting for? Start making some goals, and you'll set things right in your camp. For example, you might want participants to experience a memorable camping vacation. Hence, you need to create an activity that would suit their physical and mental needs.

3. Choose a Theme

With your goals, you can pick a theme that you want to incorporate on your camp event. You may choose a topic like love, spirituality, health, therapy, recreational, music, dance, sports, and the like depending on your target participants and goals that you want to achieve. And when you are done, provide the essential camp details such as the venue, time, date, and registration fee.

4. Outline Your Program and Schedule

Now, give the lists of events that you want to happen during the camp. Make it memorable, fun, and insane like there's no tomorrow. For example, you could do a two-day camp trek activity, or you could do a one-month-long music camp. Talk with your team about it. Make your camp productive and meaningful.

5. Craft Your Layout

Microsoft Publisher is one of the trusted tools you can use to create a camp schedule layout. It has features that allow you to edit, design, and customize your work. So, for you to begin, open MS Publisher on your personal computer or laptop. Then, click new or blank document and start crafting your program. Make sure to save it when you want to make some changes or update your file.

6. Save, Print, and Promote

Keep the file by saving it to your laptop, pc, or websites like google drive or yahoo mail. Then, print a hard copy of the camp schedule. And promote your event through social media, flyer, poster, or through the mail.

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