Expressing your deepest appreciation doesn't need to be through word of mouth. Oftentimes, what's special is when you present something that will have sentimental meaning for the recipient. One way of doing it is by sending a thank you card. Feel free to check on our available creative, high-quality and printable thank you card templates. Our templates offer an easy-to-use feature wherein you can freely edit and customize your card depending on your choice of preference. We guarantee all of our templates are downloadable in lots of editing file formats such as Microsoft Publisher. What are you waiting for? Send your dear regards to your loved ones by using our templates now.

How To Create A Thank You Card In Microsoft Publisher

Whether you want to create birthday thank you cards, wedding thank you cards, baby shower thank you cards or a graduation thank you card, you need to consider their overall presentation to your recipients. Lucky for you, here at, we offer a wide variety of creative thank you card templates that you can choose to use. We've made a how-to guide on how you can craft one, so feel free to refer down below!

1. Choose The Right Software

Your chosen program application plays a very vital role in your card creation. In your thank you card layout process, we highly recommend you use the Microsoft Publisher app. Microsoft Publisher offers a full feature of editing tools that are rendered explicitly to printed projects like brochures, flyers, and thank you cards.

2. Determine The Card's Size

In choosing the best card size for your thank you card layout, you need to pick the one that will suffice to the card's content and design elements. There are available standard sizes for a foldable card; some standard sizes would measure at around 5 x 7 or 4 x 6, while there are also small sizes that would run at 3.5 x 5.

3. Identify The Card's Theme or Motif

To formally choose the necessary design objects and elements that you can incorporate to your card's design, you need to identify first the theme that you opt to have. You can choose from these series of motifs: floral design, simple design, or cute designs. Then, you now list the possible design elements that you want to inject into your layout process.

4. Lay Out The Card's Aesthetic Look

After identifying your desired thank you card motif, you can now formulate the design with the use of your chosen editing program. Choose the best and high-quality design elements that you want to integrate into your design, such as typography, color scheme, design objects, and images. In relation to the previous step, you can refer to your acquired list on the elements that you want to inject into your design.

5. Construct Your Card's Wordings

When you've already crafted the design work for your thank you card, now is the time wherein you can start constructing the necessary card wordings. A thank you card doesn't need to be wordy and verbose. You can construct your wordings in a straight forward tone. Additionally, make sure to use a clear font to make your sentences more readable to your recipient.

6. Print Your Thank You Card

Finally, when you've already done the necessary edits in your content and design, now is the time where you can produce a copy of it. Carefully choose the best paper stock or card stock quality that you want to use on your thank you card. For the printing process, you can either print your card on your office printer or with your local commercial printing shop.

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