How to Make a Christmas Gift Voucher in Adobe Photoshop

Christmas is in the air. It's one of those seasons when people get excited and throw themselves to shopping centers to buy gifts. A recent Statista report says that last 2019, they expected people to spend 846 U.S.dollars on average for gifts. Since there are lots of people who will go shopping, it's also the perfect time for your business to sell and give Christmas vouchers, and this article is going to help you. The steps below are going to help you create an artistic and beautiful voucher that will be a perfect holiday gift.

1. Highlight the Offer

The first thing you should consider in making your Christmas holiday voucher is to showcase your discount offers. Make sure that its in boldface. This way, people can easily find it and get excited with the discount value on the simple voucher.

2. Provide Christmas-Themed Designs

Since it's the Christmas season, you have to make the people feel it just by looking at the Christmas gift voucher. For this reason, you can add a traditional decoration for Christmas, like Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, or a gift. You may also pick colors that people associate with the season like red, green, silver, or gold. But if you've decided to make it an elegant Christmas voucher, you can pick colors like black, white, or gray.

3. Add Your Company Details

Brand your voucher with your company's details. You can add your company name, contact number, or address. You can place these content at the bottom of your card. You don't have to make these details large, but you have to make sure that they're legible.

4. Include the Voucher's Terms and Conditions

It's essential to avoid misunderstandings with your customers or clients. That's why you have to set agreements on the voucher. This will both help you follow the rules and conditions to avoid possible conflict. The terms and conditions should be concise and comprehensible.

5. Specify Voucher Code

To make one printable voucher unique from another voucher, you have to add its voucher code. Make sure that the codes don't repeat because they'll have different owners or holders.

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