How to Create a Conference Invitation in Pages

Conferences are formal discussion events conducted for individuals with different endeavors. It is a gathering of ideas and thoughts where people can share knowledge. If you are in the middle of organizing one, then surely you would need a medium to inform your expected guests that they are invited. Creating an invitation for your esteemed colleagues will be easier if you follow the steps below.

1. Get a Professionally Designed Template

Time is of the essence when organizing an event, especially one such as a conference. Creating an invitation beginning from the ground up is excellent if you know how to use editing software. But, if you are running out of time and don't have the ability of a graphic designer, your only option is to grab yourself a template. There are a thousand of samples online that you can download and experiment with should you want to give your invitation card a more professional look. Apple Pages have template editing features that are very convenient for this task and with the exact guidance and tips, you can quickly make use of them without running into any challenges. When you are picking out your template, make sure that the layout and design fit the event appropriately.

2. Pick the Right Measurement

Templates also come in different sizes, that is why you need to consider the width and the length of said invitation. A regular-sized invitation measures 4 inches by 6 inches, which is very common for event invitation cards. But, you could also adjust the numbers, especially if your invitation has lengthy details about the conference.

3. Go for Simple Background Hues

Events such as conferences are held in high regard, especially if they are to be graced by professionals. This is why you must carefully consider its design without compromising the quality and its very purpose. You have to put in mind how the recipients would like to look at the invitation and if they could read it without difficulty. Some templates have graphic designs made for such an occasion, but not everyone wants to use the same design over and over. If you are about to start experimenting with the designs, start with the background. Colors are more often used when decorating the background of an object such as invitations. If you don't like using multiple shades of colors, then go for one color palette like blue or gray. However, if you want to use loud color palettes such as neon, it is best not to mix them with other colors as they may lead to hard-to-read sentences.

4. Use a Single Image

If you are very fond of using photos for your designs, use something that is relevant to the conference. If you are organizing a conference about entrepreneurship, a photo with businesspeople shaking hands or photos of products will suffice. If it is a university conference, you can use an image of the hosting campus. If you do not have any images in your own gallery, you can check out suggested photos on the Internet. Take note that only stock photos are safe to use at any time. Those that are not usually come with copyrights, so you might need to ask permission from the photo's owner.

5. Be Straightforward with Your Information

To complete your invitation, the last step is to enter the necessary details of your conference event. Starting from the top, put in the logo and the name of the institution that is hosting the said event. You must then include the name of the conference, the date and time, location, keynote speakers, VIPs, and if you have an RSVP, indicate the name of the contact person and their number or email. Dress codes are common when conducting formal gatherings and it is essential for informing your guests on what they should wear. Again, unless necessary, do not write more than what is needed.

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