Having a plan is good, but not being able to finish them is bad. You need a tool that can help you in planning your hectic schedules. For easy access to your calendar schedules, download our Ready-Made Digital Planner Templates. Our site has several digital planner templates to choose from. Monthly, weekly, daily digital planner? It’s all there. You can choose one or you can choose them all. It’s editable through Apple Pages and accessible through its supported platforms like iPads, iPhones, and the like. Don’t waste a second of your time. Sign up now and grab these amazing templates now!

How to Make a Digital Planner on Apple Pages

A digital planner is one way to make your life easier. It helps you plan out your day and keeps you in track of what you need to accomplish. To help you start organizing, here are a few tips.

1. Choose the appropriate template

With the number of templates our site offers, you have several options for your digital planner. However, you need to analyze your situation. Find out which planner template works best for you; a weekly planner or a daily planner? Analyzing this first will save you time when you start outlining.

2. Make use of its customizable features

Our digital planner templates are given style by our graphic designers but that doesn't mean that you can’t edit it. Since this serves as your notebook and journal or your project planner, our templates are free to customize as you please.

3. Outline your objectives

Once you’ve decided on your template and edited it to match your aesthetic, write down your list of objectives. These goals are important in filling out your planner because they determine what you plan to achieve for the day or week. These goals will also help you set the tasks that need to be executed for you to complete your goals.

4. Identify the tasks for the completion of your goals

Create a detailed checklist of your tasks. It can be small or big tasks, just as long as they match your identified objectives.

5. Access it wherever you go

Whether you’re plotting your boss’ monthly meetings or using the templates as your personal planner, you can access our digital planners anytime. Use it for your coordinating business or your wedding planning. Whatever it's used for, it’s accessible to you anytime and anywhere.

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