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What is an Employee ID Card?

An employee ID card stands as proof or evidence that you are registered to the organization you are entering. Aside from that, professional identification cards also help the ID bearer look more formal and businesslike.

How to Make a Professional Employee ID Card?

employee id card template

Don't worry if you're appointed by your boss to make an employee identity card. Creating a corporate ID card is one of the easy tasks plus we will even show you some easy tips on how to create one. Here's how:

1. Plan the Card

The first step in creating an employee ID card is to plan and think about its purpose. Think of how many ID cards do you need or what are the designs you want to achieve. Planning your vertical or horizontal ID card will make your task easier and at the same time, it will help you set a goal. For instance, consider the following questions: how will you make use of the ID cards? Is it a permit to enter the premises? Is it for teachers and students? Or is it simply made to determine someone's identity? Think about it.

2. Design or Choose a Template

One of the essential parts of creating an employee ID card is designing it. It's essential to create a simple ID card design so that it will easily be understood by the security personnel every time an ID bearer enters the premises. If you are having trouble creating or designing an ID card, you may choose templates here on our site and download it to save time.

3. Choose Simple Fonts

In creating an employee ID card, make sure you use a simple and readable font. Don't use fonts that are very complicated to read instead use professional fonts like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman. Try using these fonts and for sure you will love the result.

4. Gather Pieces of Information

One of the main significant reasons for creating an employee or student ID card is for identity purposes. That's why you must never forget to gather important information from your employees like their full name, ID number if there is any, complete address, emergency contact person, and lastly their signature. You may add other significant details like their blood type if you want.

5. Print the Employee ID Card

Now that you successfully created an employee ID card, then you're finally ready for the last step which is printing it. When you print, make sure you use a high-quality paper so that the quality won't be ruined. After printing the card, you may laminate it if you like. Lastly, distribute it to your employees together with the lanyard that matches their newly created Portrait identity card.

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