As the department that looks after the welfare of a company’s most important asset, it is the role of the human resources management to boost the morale of its people. Finding the best talents for the job, providing the employee’s needs, and addressing the staff’s concerns is wholly different from expressing appreciation for their daily efforts. Recognize them promptly with our HR Certificate Templates in Apple Pages. Our templates come in a conveniently editable layout that you can easily customize to fit your needs. This saves you the burden of starting your own when you’re short on time and resources. Get these in various file formats using any devices. Grant them the recognition they rightfully deserve and download now!

How to Make an HR Certificate in Apple Pages

A University of Warwick’s Department of Economics study found out that employee satisfaction or happiness contributes an increase of 12% in a company’s productivity while unhappy employees demerit 10% off the performance. Maintaining an environment where everyone feels safe, comfortable, and satisfied is one of the HR department’s primary concerns. That’s why the department places great value in ensuring that appreciation and recognition are promptly given to those whose efforts contributed a great deal to the business.

Make an efficient HR certificate by following the steps below:

1. Get the Right Information

In any certificate, getting the right content details should be a primary necessity. Kickoff the entire process by gathering details for your employee certificate. This includes concluding the complete recipient list and double-checking whether or not you’ve gotten the right spelling. The last thing you’d want is to call an incorrectly spelled name during the awarding ceremony, or even worse, mentioning an entirely different employee to receive the reward. If you’re making multiple certificates in different citations, thoroughly check if you have the right names under their respective award titles.

2. Decide on a Theme

Whether it's an internship certificate, a training certificate, a completion certificate, or an experience certificate, decide what design would you want your layout to adapt. This decision can be dependent on many different factors, such as the nature of the event, the weight of the reward, or the theme of the occasion where it will be presented. More often than not, employment certificates employ their brand’s design, such as the color scheme, font styles, and the overall motif. If you’re undecided, a safe choice would be to utilize a simple certificate.

3. Format Professionally

Since it’s a business-related certificate and would most probably be used to merit an employee’s performance excellence, follow a professional layout and outline. Use neutral or muted shades and avoid glaring colors. Use two to three professional font designs only. Enlarge, underline, or italicized parts that you wish to underline. For a visual reference, browse for formal certificate designs to give you a more detailed idea.

4. Get a Certificate Template

Why go through all these hassles when you can have an easy way out? In the event where you’re unable to afford the time and effort to make your own printable certificate from a blank canvass, get yourself a certificate template. This will save you from the tedious job of conceptualizing and editing the entire layout because you’ll be provided with a finished product with all the needed content. All you need to do is to edit your own details and get the job done! Our templates come in all variety of designs and categories, so you’ll be guaranteed that you’ll find just what you need.

5. Make Use of a High-Quality Paper

A template is never complete without the right paper quality. Printing your layout on low-grade stationery diminishes its overall appearance. A high-quality paper is not only durable, but it also enhances the certificate’s overall visual appeal. Keep in mind that a certificate is often stored and displayed for a long time. Using a heavier paper stock is a form of preservation to help maintain the document in good condition.

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