Working in Human Resources can be very tough. Aside from hiring, recruitment, and payroll, you are also engaged in the planning and development of company programs, providing support to the employees, and participating in resource and project management. With all this hustle and bustle, you need a knowledge map to organize the flow of information and activities within the organization.

While taking notes and creating diagrams are the most common ways to record information and collate your ideas, a mind map is a more creative process that you can use to easily record all the data without having to remember them word by word. Our templates can stimulate your brain to learn and memorize faster with colorful tables and simple visual interpretation.

Choose from our collection of concept maps to create your organizational structure, training guidelines, and evaluation procedures. Our editable templates can be downloaded in Microsoft Word and other formats. Customize your map by changing the texts, colors, and background. Do not forget to print or share it online once you are done! You can also upgrade to pro aside from using our free templates to get more access.

Why pay for an overpriced and complex app to organize your concepts visually? Here at, our mind map is your easiest and most convenient way to go.

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