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How to Make an HR Survey in Microsoft Word

In an article published in Chron, surveys—especially employee surveys—are one of the essential things business owners must prioritize to have a stable employee-employer relationship, as well as improve their workflow of processes. Hence, if you want to identify whether or not the employees are satisfied with the management, you would need to have an impressive HR survey to be filled in by them. If you want to know how to make a survey form, simply follow the tips we provide below.

1. Set the Goal to Achieve

Before you start crafting an impressive HR survey, you have to set some goals and standards first. Identify what you want to gain or attain after the study. Doing so will help you create or provide useful questionnaires that will reflect and complement your company goals. You will be able to focus your survey subjects to your goal.

For instance, if you would want to know if the employees are content with the work ethics of the new operations manager, your interview questions must address the staff's satisfaction. 

2. Prepare the Survey Questionnaire

After you have already established a goal for your HR survey, it is now time to prepare the interview questions. Creating questionnaire documents may look as natural as 1-2-3, but it has an essential role in the success of the survey. Thus, you have to give enough time and effort in making the questions to make sure that it shows useful and honest answers from the employees you wish to perform the survey. You can also choose whether to use structured or unstructured questions or both. Nevertheless, make sure that your questionnaires will not create chaos for your respondents that will make them answer the survey with dishonesty. 

3. Decide the Survey Type to Use

Once you have prepared the list of your survey questions, it is now time to decide what survey method or process you wish to conduct. There are various techniques that you can choose—face-to-face interviews, over the phone, through emails, and a written or online survey. These types are effective if done right. However, if you want to ensure accurate answers, it would be best to use the online one so that your respondents will be able to provide more explanations. This is also more convenient and accessible to everyone.

4. Incorporate Information in Word

Finalize your HR survey document by encoding necessary details together using Microsoft Word. This word processor software enables you to create compelling and competent business forms. MS Word contains an extensive collection of type-setting features, as well as an intelligent technology that will autocorrect errors in grammar and spelling. Word is also compatible with various devices. Thus, it makes your work convenient and accessible anytime. 

Once you finish and are satisfied with your output, you can already proceed to print it. In doing so, make sure that you have first-rate printing papers and a functional machine that will make your HR survey form more appealing and professional to present.