Let us assume that your HR department is planning a business event that would invite people from outside your company. Part of preparations is designing the name tags. Name tags are somewhat a staple of networking. They make your visitors' names more visible as a result interacting with them will become more comfortable, and business is done smoother. Though name tags are nothing but a small piece of sticker paper or magnetic badges that has a barely noticeable impact, they have an impact nonetheless. Our website has several ready-made HR name tag templates that will save you time. They are made by professionals, and downloading them is easy.  Feel free to choose a template to suit your event's needs 

How to Design an HR Name Tag

You'll notice in events that involve networking, there is a lot of information being exchanged and questions being asked. If you are an HR manager, one of your goals is that participants will feel comfortable approaching other participants. And that they think that everyone else is approachable. A name tag can help in this aspect. That is why you need a name tag design that is well-made. of course, there is the option of going for a ready-made name tag templates, but having a custom design can give the impression that your name tags have a personal touch. If you want to design your personalized name tag, you can check out the tips below.

1. Conceptualize Your Name Tag's Design

Start your design process by establishing the ideas and concepts that you want to apply to your design. But first, you must remember to consider your event. Your design ideas must reflect the function and objective of the activity you are planning. Whether your event has something to do with employment.

If you don't have an idea that could be useful to you, feel free to look for name tag designs that you can use as a reference. When designing your name tag, you should choose a minimalist design. It would be helpful to plan your name tag design ahead of time since it is a considerably smaller detail of the overall event planning, you don't want it to get in the way of the other aspects of the plan.

2. Choose Your Name Tag's Size

Your name tag should make your visitors' names as visible as much as possible, but it should not hinder your visitor in any way. Choosing the size of your name tag is a matter of balance, it is advisable if you employ a card that is 4 inches by 3 inches. It is optimal for displaying text, and it is not big enough to be cumbersome.

3. Select Your Colors and Theme

If you have decided that your design should be personalized, then learning some graphic designer's techniques can go a long way. One of the things you should familiarize yourself with is the color theory. Color theory will teach you to device an effective color scheme by learning which colors would be best employed together.

Another thing that you can do is choosing your theme. This will depend on your event's theme itself. Having a theme can guide you on what colors you can choose for your design.

4. Choose the Appropriate Font and Right Font Size

Again your name tag should make your visitors' names as visible as much as possible. So your font size should reflect this. Another thing you should consider is the font itself. Your font should be in line with your event, if your event is formal like say a meeting or fundraising, then you should select a classic font.

5. Print Your Name Tags

Before you print your name tags, you should choose the materials on which your name tags will be printed on. Typically the stationery materials used in the name tags are sticker papers because they are easier to use and are less likely to hinder the user compared to name tags that use lanyards. Lastly, you should check the print quality of your name tags. After all this, you are all set!

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