Employees are indeed what makes a company work. And because of that fact, you need to ensure that the human resources department—the department assigned to manage employees—have the right resources or documents that aides them in the fulfillment of their tasks. Our HR templates in Microsoft Word format provide any business with a complete set of materials that they can use right away after download. Choose from job description templates, workplace policies, performance reviews, to employee feedback templates–you name it, and we got it. Download now and grab hold of our game-changer HR templates when you avail of our subscription plans today!

How to Make HR Templates in Word

The HR department is responsible for various processes that primarily involve employee management, and this includes recruitment and training, managing and motivating, compensation and benefits, and firing and termination. With all the tasks at hand, it will be difficult for the HR department to accomplish all of its functions quickly. Unless there are existing HR forms and templates that will help in speeding up the process.
With that, here are the steps that can help you determine and eventually make efficient HR templates using Microsoft Word.

1. Conduct a Thorough Study

Creating your HR templates shouldn't be taken lightly as some of these are legal documents and requires strategic thinking and work, especially when drafting one. There are various HR templates, and there is no template or document that is a one-size-fits-all. Consider seeking help from the legal advisors of your company so you can know the legal standards applicable to your company, its daily operations, and your employees.

2. Determine the Contents of Your HR Template

Now that you have conducted research, you can quickly determine what should go into your HR template. The contents of your template will also depend on the type of HR template you are planning to create.

For example, you are about to create a telecommuting policy. The standard contents of a telecommuting policy include the objectives, procedures, eligibility, safety and security, required time to work, and other ad hoc arrangements

3. Consider the Use of Ready-Made HR Template

Consider looking up ready-made templates that can help you speed up the process of creating HR templates. When you create various HR documents—be it payrolls, HR report templates, and HR plan templates—rest assured that its pre-formatted layout is standard-based. You do not have to start from scratch necessarily.

Luckily for you, because we have a wide selection of various HR templates, you can choose. Each printable template here consists of suggestive content and smart, functional template you can conveniently modify and customize using Microsoft Word.

4. Launch Microsoft Word

Now is the time that you should launch Microsoft Word so you can already start with the editing process. If you have downloaded from our selection of templates, you should open it in Microsoft Word for ease of editing. As soon as you have launched Microsoft Word, you may go ahead and input all the necessary texts you need for your HR template.

If you consider adding decorative elements, then, by all means, reconsider it. HR templates are formal documents, and some are even legal. Design elements such as graphics and decorative borders are a big no-no. The only image you can incorporate is your company logo, and nothing more.

5. Finalize Before Saving and Printing

Never make the mistake of saving and printing your final draft without checking and proofreading it first. Even if you can possible reprint all of it, it's merely a waste of time, money, and effort. When your final draft already looks good, you can save it in .docx file format, or you can already hit that print button!

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