A 2017 Gallup Study revealed that only 15% of full-time employees around the world are “engaged” at work. This means that the majority of employees have low engagement and are not “involved and enthusiastic about their work and their workplace.” Often, it is up to the HR management team to conduct engagement surveys and solve their employee engagement problem. Here are some tips on how HR can improve employee engagement.

In order for an organization to grow, employees must be happy and satisfied with their job. HR's role is to ensure that employees have the right set of skills and equipped with proper tools and a peaceful working environment so they are able to perform their duties well. One of the things they can do is come up with engagement ideas to improve and maintain employee engagement.

If you work in human resources, this is part of your job. You can start by creating an engagement platform that can help identify engagement trends in the workplace. To do this, set up an action plan that will invest in the wellbeing of the employees and make sure that it’s well-documented for it to be official.

You can use Template.net’s HR-Employee Engagement Word sample to provide a detailed action plan for employee engagement. This customizable document allows you to clearly define your organization’s mission and vision as well as the organization’s plan to empower and support its people.

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