Present to your company the HR department's recommendations on the steps and milestones to take to achieve the desired goals and outcomes for the human capital. Through an HR roadmap, you can easily present action plans to the stakeholders in an easy and straightforward manner. Make use of one of our professionally crafted HR Roadmap Templates available in Microsoft Word file format. Get to experience a time-saving and hassle-free editing experience. With these easily editable templates, you'll get to have an HR roadmap for your company in just a snap. Printable both at home or commercial printing services. Don't pass up this great deal. Get to experience convenience by downloading any of the premium templates now. 

How to Make an HR Roadmap in Word

According to HumanResourcesEdu, human resources management is immersed in all matters relating to the administration of the human capital of an organization. With that said, the HR department needs to have roadmaps prepared all the time. Roadmaps are commonly used by the human resources department and hiring managers. HR roadmaps are utilized to define company goals and outcomes. Additionally, this is a tool used to visually present the strategies and action plans to achieve the company's goals and outcomes. Therefore, there is a great need to have this document in your department. Get to create one now by following the steps shown below:

1. Need for a Roadmap

Before you create your HR roadmap, it is important that you know and understand how important it is for the business. Based on a study conducted by Gartner, the top three initiative priorities of HR leaders are enhancing the employee experience, developing the organization's skills and competencies, and cultivating the leadership bench. Without an HR roadmap, the objectives mentioned above will be tough to achieve.

2. Identify Purpose

HR roadmaps can be a visual representation of hiring plans, strategy initiatives, employee training, employee onboarding, HR transformation, and HR development for a company. Determine what HR roadmap is your department lacking and in need of immediately. Once you have a clear idea of what roadmap you need to create, the next step would be easier.

3. Gather Information

Now that you have defined the purpose, you can now begin your data gathering. You can brainstorm or research on what particular steps or milestones you need to write on the roadmap. Also, you can ask the opinions of the company's stakeholders. Make sure that the whole HR department agrees with the steps and milestones you want to present to have a unified approach to achieving the desired goals and outcomes. In addition, avoid using long sentences or paragraph forms on your roadmap. It will overwhelm and confuse the reader of your intention. Instead, be specific and clear with the data you want to display on the chart. Keep the idea short and straightforward for it to be easy to read.

4. Build the Chart

First, you need to consider the perfect application appropriate for the creating process of your HR roadmap. If you want a user-friendly application to help you, then Microsoft Word is for you. It is complete with the tools you need for free. Be creative as much as you want in the creation of your chart. You would not want to make it appear dull. Utilize colors and views to make it appealing and professional-looking. However, you have to limit yourself. Don't overdo the design of your chart, or else it will drown out the information you want to convey. You may also utilize the ready-made templates above to save you the hassle of designing an HR roadmap from scratch.

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