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How To Create A School ID Card In Apple Pages?

School IDs are essential to maintain your educational institution's safety and security measures, whether it's kindergarten, elementary, high school, or college. Every student, teacher, professor, dean, principal, other staff members, and even every school visitor of an educational institution must have a school ID. So if your educational administrators assigned you to design the official school ID of your institution, you've come to the right place. We have made a quick and effective guide below on how to create a school ID.

1. Decide Either Vertical Or Horizontal

Similar to creating posters and banners, you must also decide first whether your school IDs will be vertical or horizontal. There's no golden rule whether you must choose over the other. It's entirely up to your preference and the preference of your educational administrators.

2. Select A School ID Card Template From Us

Designing a school ID can be quite time-consuming and difficult if you're not an adept digital designer. For that reason, we encourage you to select and download online any of our School ID Card Templates. Each of these templates has a quality format and design layouts that fit with an educational setting. We both have vertical templates and horizontal templates. Just select one or more that fits best with the preference of your administration and yourself.

3. Launch The Template In Apple Pages

Apple Pages is a word processor that's available for free for Mac users. So if you're a Mac user, Apple Pages should be your first choice to launch your selected School ID Card Template. Apple Pages is not just free to install and download. It also has all the tools you need to customize every component of your template, from its design layout down to its letter fonts. Moreover, Apple Pages is a user-friendly program. Even if it's your first time using it, we assure you that you will find it easy to operate and navigate.

4. Embed Your Institution's Official Logo

After you've done every needed customization with the designs of your template, you can then begin injecting the specifications of your institution. That begins with its official logo. Place it at the upper-most part of your school ID card. Remember that the school ID cards not only represents its holders; it also represents the institution itself. That's why the logo must be present since it's the visual identity of your institution, and it also validates that the IDs are official and credible.

5. Input The Information Of The School ID Holders

The information of the school ID holders is the most important component of the IDs. That, of course, must include their complete name, position (e.g., student, teacher, professor, dean), formal photo, and specimen signature. At the back part of the ID is where their contact number, birth date, home address, and person to contact in case of emergency must be found. Make sure that their complete name and birth date is based on their respective official birth certificates.

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