How to Make an Elegant Invitation Template in Apple Pages

When planning to host an event, be it a birthday or a wedding, a formal invitation is what sets the tone and lets your guests know about your party. If you are to draft your invitation letters or invitation cards for a wedding, a baptism, or a bridal shower, it has to be written formally and elegantly. The premise of an elegant invitation is to create excitement and uphold the very essence of having formal events for your guests.

Get to create elegant invitation cards or letters in your Macbook using our ready-made elegant printable invitation templates in Apple Pages. To get your work started, consider the easy steps provided for you below:

1. Take a Pick offers you a wide array of invitation templates that you fully customize and download for free. For events like a housewarming party, lunch invitation, cinema ticket invitation, kids party, first birthday party, or even funerals, we have all the templates that you need to inform and invite your guests, friends, and loved ones. Choosing from one of those templates is solely your job, and you have to pick the one that fits for the occasion that you’re going to host.

2. Write Formally

There are events in life that we ought to write our invitation cards or letters formally to serve the purpose better. Wedding invitations, for example, require one to draft and write the words correctly and adequately. Some events, like weddings, have a certain degree of formality to expect from the dress you wear down to the invitations you send to your guests. In doing that, you have to use formal words and elegant invitation templates.

3. Spell the Names Correctly

Another way to also serve the formality the event requires is to spell every word correctly, including the names. Be it in writing a letter or crafting a card, the names of the guests, the location, the time, and even the date should be spelled the word for word. You have to avoid abbreviating them.

4. Include the Names of the Host/s

The inclusion of the names of the event’s hosts tells your guests who are inviting them to an event. This includes the proper way of writing the names of the hosts, and it should also be listed accordingly. Other than that, you have to register the names in the correct order, especially when you are to make wedding invitation cards and letters.

5. Include Other Relevant Information

Other information may include information regarding an event party after the ceremony like receptions. In a wedding ceremony, the location of the reception is usually different from the site of the wedding ceremony. You have to include the necessary details that will guide them to reach the exact venue after the service.

6. Ask Your Guests How They Should Respond

This is an essential part of making invitation letters or cards. You have to politely ask your guests if they’re coming to the event or not. Thus, RSVP for an invitation is required. This usually means that you have to include RSVP cards that list the response date, along with a pre-addressed and stamped envelope. The confirmation to your invitation is crucial because often, the venues would require the final guest count. With that, you have to ask them their confirmations and how many guests they are bringing with them.

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